Five Tips for Identifying a Solid SEO Agency

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Choosing the right SEO agency is essential for running a successful digital marketing campaign. In the world of the internet and search engines, SEO is king. If your website is well-optimized, it will fly high near the top of the search results. If not, it will wallow down somewhere in the multitude of ignored Google pages where no user ventures.

And that is not mere speculation, folks. Studies showed that over 25% of users clicked on the first five results listed on Google. So, if your website is not somewhere in those ranks, it will be ignored by 25% of searchers altogether.

In this post, we are looking at five tips that you can follow to identify a solid SEO agency.

1. Versatility of Ideas

The SEO strategy that works well for an online shoe store won’t work very well for, say, a web hosting company. Brands need to be managed differently depending on the nature of their products/services.

The first thing that you should see to check if the agency is worth hiring or not is their SEO approach.

Do they live by a particular set of rules, or do they have the capability of coming up with unique ideas for each brand?

The latter of these two is what you should look for.

2. Experience and Portfolio

Since we are talking about tips to identify a good SEO company, an important one that you should keep in mind is experience.

Mind you, this does not mean that new and fresh agencies should be ignored or rejected. Talent is everywhere, and every good company always starts at the bottom.

However, looking at the experience and past projects of an agency can be a good way to gauge the efficacy of their approach, and their excellence as an organization in general.

3. Tech and Tools

Once you get introduced to an Australian SEO agency, you need to ask them some questions. One of the first and most important questions that you should ask them is what tech and tools do they use in their approach?

‘Tech’ and ‘tools’ mean the applications and software an agency uses to get along its SEO strategy. These can include programs for SEO link building, keyword tracking, DA and SERP rank checking, content optimization, etc.

4. Goal Formation

Another trait by which you can judge the quality of an SEO firm is to see how they create their goals and aims.

A good agency will come up with both short-term and long-term goals. The former will include steps and objectives that will be completed within days and weeks whereas the latter will be the bigger targets meant to be achieved over longer periods of time viz. months and years.

5. Work Division

And finally, you can identify a good SEO firm by seeing how its task force is divided.

A good example of this would be that there would be a different team for each and every job. For example, there would be different teams for keyword research, content writing, content publishing, and so on.

A bad example of this, on the other hand, would be an agency made up of jacks-of-all-trades. In this type of situation, an SEO expert would be doing the job of the content writer whereas the business developer would be doing the job of the content manager and whatnot.


The next time you want to hire an SEO firm, be sure to check and see how well they perform in the aspects mentioned above. Identifying a worthwhile company can be a bit difficult, especially if it is your first time outsourcing your SEO.

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