7 Methods To Fix Gmail can’t Attach Files Error

Gmail is one of the most popular free email service providers in the world, there are many people using Gmail every day of life no matter the email about formal or informal emails. Through email, everyone can connect easily just you need an internet connection to send or receive email. Gmail has some good features like quick reply, Attached PDF, Images and all files of types, forward email, send emoji, video calling and so many. Nowadays attaching the file on email is not working for some reason so users face issues such as Gmail can’t attach files to their emails. If you’re looking for a solution then here we share with you some working methods using the below solution you can fix the error.

Methods To fix the Gmail Attaching Errors

1) Gmail Attachment Limit

To send the file using Gmail is a very easy task but if your file is more than 25MB then you can not send the file there is a restriction this is one of the major downsides of Gmail. But if your file is more than 25MB then google will automatically redirect and upload it to google drive and will add the link to it and you can’t attach the file. Apart from this executable file that ends with .EXE is not allowed for security reasons and you want to send then you need to use the other supported browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

2) Basic Gmail

Basic Gmail will pull out of all advanced features like images, Gmail categories, and so on. The basic Gmail was designed for slower network connections, so if you’re internet running very slow then you might the error you can’t attach files to Gmail. Check your internet connection speed and solve the problem then again check you’re attached file in Gmail.

3) Go Incognito

There are many add-ons or extensions in your browser, of course, you are used to, but you may be facing the problem of Gmail attaching files or you can’t attach files easily. The problem is occurred due to the extension and addons so you need to fix the error, open a new tab in incognito or you can use the private browser and login into your Gmail account again. Check if you attach files to Gmail or not if not then you need to disable the extension one by one or remove the addon from the browser. After closing the window and reopening and check your error is resolved or not if not then try the next method.

4) Use another browser

Most of the time the error is caused if your browser not working properly at this time you have to move to another browser and see if you’re facing the same error.

5) Use Gmail Android/iOS App

Using a mobile app you can encounter the error attach files to Gmail, lets open Gmail on your mobile you send the email through the Gmail app and attach the file that you want no matter you have an android or iOS app you can easily send the file.

6) Clear the Cache and Data from Browser

If above methods not working for you then you can solve the problem using clearing the cache and data from the browser, For this just go to your browser all the browsers have the same features so if you’re using Chrome browser then go to “more tools” and tap on “Clear browsing data” then you will see the time range select the all-time data you want to clear and click on clear data. Check that you are able to attach the file. Apart from this, you can use the trick on your android device like clearing the app cache to fix the Gmail error and check it out again.    

7) Update Your Browser

You cannot attach files in Gmail is occurred due to if you’re using a corrupted or outdated browser. You need to update your browser or use another browser. Also, you can do one thing uninstall your browser and install the latest version of Gmail. Let’s check you’re able to send the attached file or not if not then move to the next method.

Well, Using the above methods help you to solve the error can’t attach files in Gmail still if you’re not able to resolve the error then you can contact the Gmail support team they will help you.