Fix: SKYUI Error code 5

SKYUI is a mod for Skyrim which is an action role-playing video game. It has many advanced features and was developed by Bethesda Game Studios it has a PC-friendly UI mod, provides a much better user experience with the game. Nowadays most of the people facing problems such as SKYUI error code 5, which is a typical error and can be easily solved. The common problem of this error is that if the user plays and opens favorites, spells, or inventory, they receive an error message with incompatible products saying SKYUI error 5. This issue can be fixed with a new installation.

If something in the MCM menu is disabled, the error message stops. If there is an error in an incompatible menu file, then follow steps

  1. Go to the Skyrim directory.
  2. Click on the Data folder from there and go to the Interface.
  3. Find the file name, that was in the error message such as favoritemenu.swf.
  4. After Cut this file from Skyrim interface folder.
  5. Then Create a folder for “interface backup” anywhere.
  6. Now, paste the backup of the interface into that folder or if you want to delete it, upto your choice

We highly recommend to make a backup instead of deleting it.

 The possibility you might be facing an internal network problem. We recommend you contact the help number + 1 (702)-687-3236. And let them assist you with this problem of networking.

Reinstall Mod

If “SkyUI Error Code 5”  still exist then try this method to reinstall the SkyUI, to follow steps

1.Navigate to the NexusModManager / Mods / Skyrim

2. Choose the 60 Fps Interface Mod to render it a .zip file

3. Delete the mod

4. After, Delete and reinstall SkyUI now,

5. Also, make sure that the new version of your Skyrim Script Extender is updated.

In this way you can reinstall mod and fix SKYUI Error code 5

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