How to Login to GoDaddy Account & MS Office 365

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For business emails, GoDaddy Webmail is the finest option. GoDaddy’s webmail service is used by nearly 80% of companies. GoDaddy was founded in 1997, and it offers the domain name, hosting, and email addresses to its users. If you start your business then GoDaddy could be the best choice for you. This is the place where you can grow your online business fastly. Here you will get the best service from the user interface to customer support. So you can start your impressive website with a unique domain name and a faster server. 

Apart from domain and hosting GoDaddy provides webmail services for professional to personal use. This email can work great on any device and even syncs data automatically.

So if you’re new to GoDaddy and want to know how to log in to a GoDaddy account then this guide helps you. In this article, we have listed the solution How to Login your GoDaddy Account Website and How to Login Your GoDaddy Account with MS Office 365

How to Login your GoDaddy Account Website

Step 1: Open any browser on your computer, Go to the “GoDaddy“.

Step 2: After, from the upper right corner click on “Sign-in”.

Step 3: Next click on the sign-in under “Registered Users“.

Step 4: If you have already an account then enter the “Username/ Customer ID” and “Password” or Instant you can use “Facebook” and “Google” to sign in to the account.

Or if you don’t have an account then “Create a new account” and enter the details see the below screenshot.


How to Reset GoDaddy Email & Password

If you’re unable to sign in the GoDaddy or you forget the “Password” or “Username” then follow the below steps to recover the account

  1. If you forgot your Username then go to this link and click on the username that I have marked below in screenshot.

2. After You will see the “Retrieve Username” page open. Type your registered “Email Address” on the Email box and hit the Continue button and follow the instruction.

3. If you forget your “Password” then go to this link and click on the username that I have marked below screenshot.

2. After You will see the “Reset Password” page open. Enter your “username or customer#” on the empty field and hit the Continue button.

After you will received the email on your registered email id and there you have to click on the “Reset your password” button and enter your “New Password” and “Confirm the Password” by entering the same password in the given area and after hit the “Submit” button.

In this way, you can reset your password easily.

How To Update GoDaddy’s Account Password?

  1. First Go to ”Godaddy Login Page” and log in to your GoDaddy account by entering “email id” and “password”.
  2. After successfully login in, click on the” Products” option that you’ll find on the homepage.
  3. Now, you have in “GoDaddy Workspace Email Page“.
  4. Choose the ”Email Address” of your GoDaddy account that you want to update the password for.
  5. After, press the ”Edit” option, and you will see the ”Edit Account” option on the screen.
  6. Next, enter a strong and unique password in the field” Change Password”.
  7. Now, write the password that you confirm.
  8. Enter ”Save”.
  9. After you will received the confirmation prompt your changed password.
  10. Next, click the ”Close” option to leave the Edit Account Page.

How to Login Your GoDaddy Account with MS Office 365

There are many customers who don’t know that GoDaddy provides the workspace email login to their customers when they buy a domain. Keep in mind this is not a free email service platform but whenever any new customer buying a specific package GoDaddy gives the workspace email login for free. If you wish to create an account then you must have the MX records that are sent to GoDaddy.

Recently, GoDaddy has collaborated with MS Outlook 365. In the following steps, you simply log in to the merged platform.

Step 1: Go to your favorite browsers and visit the link

Step 2: Enter your Microsoft 365 email and password.

Step 3: After hit sign in button

Note: If youre using the GoDaddy username and password then its not work here.

How To Reset Password MS Office 365

Step 1: From there, you can simply log in to Microsoft Office 365 email. For resetting the password, you can visit the link

3. After following the instruction to recover your workspace Password.

GoDaddy Customer Support

After trying the above methods still, you do not retrieve the username or password then you can call the GoDaddy customer care number by dialing 040 67607600. They are always ready to help you but make sure you have the information regarding your account so that they can access the account easily.

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