12 Best Hidden Voice Recorder Apps for Android and iOS

Want to record a secret speech of anyone? If yes then here we will be picked out best hidden voice recording apps free of cost for Android as well as iOS devices.

The hidden recording app is more powerful and convenient to use anyone can easily install it on their devices, it works great with just a single click.

Best Free Hidden Voice Recording

Most smartphones come with voice recorders but it does not provide a hidden recorder. There are much third-party application is available that offer features like secret recording so let’s check the list.

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder brings you easy to use experience. It offers a high-quality and long-time recording. It is a clean and simple user interface. After downloading the app, you’re accessing the features such as pause, resume, save, and cancel the recording easily. To record the voice just tap on the red button, close the app and your recording will continue. The other feature is silent skips you can shorten recordings by omitting relative silence. The app works excellent in the background mode as a secret voice recorder. In addition, this app helps you can record the phone calls by using the settings options.

Easy Voice Recorder

This is one of the best voice recorder applications where you can record the secret voice. The app is used for meetings, personal notes, classes, songs, and much more, without any limitation. There are no time limits for recording. There is so many functions available for students, business, musicians, and everyone. Students can record classes and lectures with just one click. Apart from this, you can record interviews and meetings easily and you can share with your colleagues through email or other app. Using powerful widgets and shortcuts you can start a new recording. The application offers many options for recording. It is a great app for rehearsals and for capturing melodies that pop into your head.

Smart Sound Recorder

It is an easy-to-use application to record the sound for kinds of meeting, speech, interview, classes and others. It has the ability to record the sound in high quality even when the screen is off, it captures the voice nearby you. It has great features, a beautiful layout, and an easy setting option. With an advanced voice recorder, you can record for a long time which is up to 3000 hours also it depends on the memory how much is left. The enabled and disabled options make it easy which quality use for recording. The cool interface is a quick recording option with many functions of Smart Sound Recorder.

Awesome Voice Recorder

Awesome voice recorder is the best voice recording application that comes with some cool interface and functionality. This app is specially designed for business people, reporters, tutors, audio experts, sound engineers, school personnel, university students, and those who need to manage voice memos. The main features are that it is high quality and unlimited time recording. You can capture the recording in background mode without the screen ON and after you can save it on your SD card also. It gives various audio quality options that you can easily edit and change the quality of the recording. This recorder has a lot of settings so you are never bored with this application.

Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder is another secret voice recording application for free. It comes with the fully-loaded features and is simple to use. It provides high-quality background recordings even when the screen is off. The simple interface and lots of functions make it easier to record the sound in clear quality. To start recording just click on the red button after closing the app your recording is running in the background. During recording, if any interruption like a call then the recording does not pause. The best part is that it allows you to record existing recordings.

Samsung Voice Recorder

Samsung Voice Recorder gives you high-quality sound recording, also offering playback and editing capabilities.

There are three recording modes are available:

STANDARD- It provides an amusing recording procedure
INTERVIEW- You can use the interview mode to record the voice of the people.

VOICE MEMO-Records your voice and then convert it to on-screen text.

If you want to record the secret voice, you can use all three function which is activated in the background. After that, you can remove the unnecessary parts from the recordings.

GOM Recorder 

GOM is the most popular application that you can use to record sound. There are millions of users who download the app on their devices. Gesture recording is one You can start recording just by shaking your phone. Apart from this GOM recorder is one of the tools for recording meetings, lectures, classes, notes etc. Also, it converts your voices into text automatically. There is an option to adjust the volume so you can increase or decrease the sound easily. GOM Recorder has an option to cut the unnecessary parts from the recordings.

 Smart Recorder And Transcriber

Smart Recorder is a full-featured voice recorder and transcriber. It offers many features. It allows you to easily create recordings and then transcribe them. Using this recorder you can record meetings, interviews, lectures, classes, or even your kid’s voices, too. The recording result is high quality without pause. There are millions of people who use this Smart Recorder And Transcriber because it actively marketed and regularly updated for seven years. This app provides the best features check out below

  • iTunes file sharing
  • Email/export short recordings
  • Multiple supported formats
  • iCloud, Stereo support
  • Tags or pictures to mark positions in a recording
  • Record unlimited time
  • Sorting and other features

Voice Recorder & Audio Editor

One of the things that makes an app become a favorite is the interface and graphic design. So, check out this voice recorder program. The classic theme is just so cool. It is like recording a sound using an old recorder with a cassette.

This app has some good Free Features check below

  • Unlimited recording time (No restrictions)
  • 3D Touch
  • Cloud storage support
  • Recording transfer

Advance Features

  • Multiple audio formats
  • Passcode protect recordings
  • Loop and Trim recordings
  • Change playback speed
  • Skip backward/forwards 15 seconds
  • Save Favorite recordings

Some Paid Features

  • Text Notes (In-App purchase)
  • Transcribe recordings (In-App purchase)
  • Call recorder (In-App purchase)

There are some paid features so you need to pay some amount of money to use the full features.

Secret Recorder Plus

Secret Recorder Plus is another professional voice recording application available for iPhone. You can try secret recording without knowing anyone. It has a powerful file-folder management system and is full of functional features. The main feature is that password protection users can secure their recording using passwords also you can easily create and change passwords. You can save the unlimited recording into the folder just you required the space on the phone.

Voice Recorder – Scheduled Timer Audio Recorder

If you want to Preschedule the recording then this app is helpful for you, it starts voice recording automatically and you have a set time. It allows you to record a number of Preschedule future recordings just only to do is that set the date, time, and duration of scheduling the recordings. It is a simple, intuitive interface and easy to use. It has an unlimited time recording function and shares them through WhatsApp, Email, and Facebook.

Parrot Voice Recorder

It is a great application to record, play and share voice recordings, with just 3 taps. The apps has a simple and beautiful user interface. It helps you to create crisp and balanced voice recordings. One of the best features is that you can schedule recording for a specific time and date.  Besides, it is uploaded to the cloud using Google Drive or Dropbox. Inside the app, there are 100 different setting combinations. allowing you to have any of the desired results. Furthermore, you can manage your recording and playback whenever you want. Overall, the Parrot Voice Recorder is an excellent app that is recorded in high quality.

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