Top 600+High PR Directory Submission Sites List

Directory Submission is one of the best and most effective technique to create a backlink from High PR Directory Submission Sites. If your blog getting less visitor then these sites help you to increase the ranking of your blog.

Many search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing uses these sites to rank your website their searches. So many people know about what is it and how it will working directory submission sites to Increase Search Engine Rank Pages(SERP). In this Article, we will give you an answer to this question.

What is Directory Submission?

In Search Engine Optimization Directory Submission is one of the off-page technique to create backlinks. In a simple way to store all information regarding your website like name, blog URL, mailid, etc in Directory website.

If you keep doing this regularly your page rank will increase suddenly and helps you to get organic traffic from search engines. This is the link building strategy will increase your Domain Authority and page rank in Google or other search engines.

Type of Directory Submission Sites

There are three types of Search engine we will discuss below:

Free Directory Submission Sites

In this free version not guarantee your website submission it may take a long time to approve your site by admin. So it is time loss and not assurance method.

In this Paid Submission you pay some amount of money and they will quick approval within 24 hours. It is useful for link building and time-consuming method if you will invest some money.

Reciprocal Directory Submission Sites

In this you need to add their link on your blog or website before approval once they validate their link, they approve your website.

Some Steps you have must Follow when you will doing Directory Submission

1.First read guideline and instruction on directory Submission sites

2. After select category regarding your website niche. Don’t forget sub-category, while submission

3. Fill information like website URL, name, Description, keyword and so on.

4. After click on Submit button

5. And wait for massage like ‘Submitted and Waiting for Approval’

6. Also if they provide you the Submission URL, save it.

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Advantages of Directory Submission Sites

1.You will get Quality Backlinks to your website which helps to increase your website Domain Authority

2. After the post article, your website will fast indexing in search engines and also increase SERP of your website.

3. Most of the people using the paid version instead of the free version.

4. Keywords are an important factor in directory submission with the help of keywords your website more chances get more traffic on your website.

Below List High PR Directory Submission Sites

Directory Submission Sites

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