Housing A Bet – A look at the world’s most unusual casinos

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Since as far back as 1638, casinos have been incredibly popular with gamblers all over the world – from small towns in Australia to internationally famous locations like the Las Vegas strip. 

While you may feel that you’re familiar with these venues – and know what they look like, not all casinos are created equal and, in this article, we’re going to shine a light on some of the world’s most unusual casinos: 

Big fun in the world’s smallest casino

If you’ve ever been to a casino in London, there’s a good chance that you traveled to it by black cab; however, in 2016, some customers found themselves stumping up for a different kind of tip in the back of one of these famous Hackney Carriages. 

In the build up to the 2016 sporting season, Grosvenor Casinos introduced, for a limited time, a traveling casino in the form of a black cab – complete with blackjack table, a TV showing Sky Sports and a miniature beer fridge. 

Customers were able to indulge in gambling either on the blackjack table or online (https://hotslots.io/hu/) while taking in the sights of London and supping on a cold beer. Sadly, the casino cab was only available for a few weeks. 

Bets are written in stone in Australia

When you think of a casino, you no doubt picture something made of bricks and mortar – however, the owners of the Desert Cave Resort in Coober Pedy in Australia had other ideas. In 1988, this unique Down Under casino was built by founder, Umberto Coro, inside a giant sandstone cave – considerably more luxurious than the lodgings of the original cavemen, the resort features 16 poker machines, onsite accommodation and an underground swimming pool. 

Casino high flyers

Most casino customers manage to keep their feet firmly on the ground – but not so for French developers AirJet Designs. The company is currently developing a casino which will be housed within a Boeing 777 and which will feature an interactive bar, holographic screens and luxurious seating. The flying casino, which may remind you of something out of a James Bond film, will also have a bar and a blackjack table to keep customers happy. 

The wild one

While you may not automatically think of casinos and wildlife being the perfect match, this is a popular combination for visitors to the Sun City Resort Casino in South Africa. Located within the Pilanesberg Game Reserve, just a couple of hours outside of Johannesburg, this unusual casino allows customers a front seat view of animals such as lions and giraffes as they enjoy time at the gaming tables. For customers who prefer to get up close and personal, the resort also organizes safaris for its customers. 

Mistaken identity

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a casino by the name of The Venetian Hotel would be located in Venice – but it is, in fact, around 9000 kilometers from the popular Italian tourist destination as it can be found in the Republic of China’s Macau. The resort, which attracts numerous visitors every year, is a miniature version of the city of Venice and even features small canals and gondoliers – as well as 3000 first class guest rooms. 

Development on track in Nevada

Nevada is, of course, no stranger to casinos but the X-Train development promises to be a little different than most. Currently in planning, this casino will be built inside a train to offer one of the most unique gambling experiences in Nevada. The ambitious project is said to be costing approximately $1 million per carriage. 

In the clouds

You’ve heard of casino high rollers – and they don’t come much higher than 6000 meters above sea level. The Resorts World Genting in Pahang, Malaysia, is one of a kind – and one which is pretty tricky to get to. Customers to this exclusive resort, which is 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur, is very much worth the journey as, on reaching the casino, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring views of the surrounding 150 million year old rainforest while enjoying the usual casino games. 

Upstairs downstairs

From the dizzy heights of Pahang Malaysia, to a basement in Somerset, a quaint English country house is not the most common of venues for a casino. That is, however, what you will find at North Cadbury Court in Somerset. Best known as a country estate and popular wedding venue, this stately home houses a secret – a basement casino. With room for up to 30 players, the casino is open only for exclusive hire and employs croupiers from the local area. 

The cool one

Antarctica is probably not the first place to spring to mind when you think about casinos but one does exist -and it may just be one of the strangest on our list. At the Esperanza Base in Hope Bay, Antarctica, you’ll find (should you be passing) this tiny casino. Unfortunately, you may need to wait for an invite if you’re visiting this barren permafrost as the casino is housed in the modest building which makes up accommodation for a team of Argentinian scientists and their support crew. 


Despite the increasing number of people indulging in online casinos and other forms of online betting, real life casinos remain incredibly popular for gamblers all over the world. From the luxurious to the spartan and, from the sky high to the down below, casinos come in every shape and size possible – and in some of the most unexpected locations. 

There’s no end of options when it comes to choosing a casino with a view, and you can even take your pick of haunted casinos around the world if the spirit takes you.

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