How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Media Strategy and Communications

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Are technology and change the two faces of the same coin? Maybe YES. The reason, both stay always connected. A technology that was dubbed new hardly half a decade becomes obsolete when a new innovation happens. To be honest, that has been the same rule since ancient companies. In this article, we are going to focus on AI. And by this time, you will know that AI has brought stupendous changes in many industries.

There are many myths circulating about how AI can replace humans in low-level jobs. The prophecy has come true in some companies such as Japan. At the same time, there are some sectors, where people feel that AI cannot step into their domain. One of the few sectors is media and communications.

But the statements were proved wrong when AI has indeed stepped into these sectors through a new technology called Natural Language Processing. In this article, let us discuss how artificial intelligence will transform media strategy and communications.


Normally, the communication industry reminds you of a conversation or interaction between two individuals in a humanitarian manner.  However, NLP has been changing the concept, and this technology has remained since 1950.

It is only in the past half a decade, with digital media and more information shared in channels, that NLP and AI have been making inroads into the communication sector. In recent times, NLP is being incorporated into many practical applications to reduce the manual work of the persons who use the technology to check for information in search engines.


Now, we have a simple question. Tell us, what sorts of communications methods are available today? People tend to communicate with each other through their jobs. It could be journalism, analysis, and many work options. And every writing style differs as per the requirement.

With many people opting for the voice search option, it has become a cumbersome task for many companies to change the content and SEO. If you are a blogger and want to make the article more popular, what will be the special features present in the article?

Let us look into the details –

As a blogger, you will write articles that have information related to recent times, do proper SEO, and have catchy headlines. Now, the very concept has changed.

More and more people are searching the internet by means of a voice option. So, the websites of every business may have to tweak their content a little bit. And since the search engines have AI-linked algorithms, if you are having a website, kindly look into the details –

A. The Clarity in Articles and Messages

NLP has helped in one aspect. In the olden times, articles used to have long sentences. Anyone could become a blogger and write as per his/her requirements. But as per the general rule, a sentence should not contain more than 30 words.

Now, with NLP becoming the focus of the town, lengthy documents have got changed to short descriptions. With every website wanting to get the best place in the search engines, changes are happening for the better.

And be believed, it is not only the content that is undergoing a change but also the structuring of paragraphs.

B. Use of Proper Words

There are some who use jargon in the articles. Well, if this is the case, then the website will be read only by persons of acclaimed stature. But for a website to come in the Google Search rankings, words matter, and in the structuring of sentences. And the NLP software is being fed with super AI algorithms.

For example, you are searching for the most important monument in Bangalore. You convey the same via mobile in voice search. Behold! The image that comes is that of Vidhana Soudha, Bangalore. How does this happen? The main reason, algorithms can do permutations and combinations, then give the perfect answer.

C. NLP and SEO

So, before half a decade, how were the articles written? After an understanding of SEO principles. Now, NLP has become the new force. So, before writing an article, the fact needs to be checked if the specific keyword is perfect for even videos and podcasts.

To move further in the article, let us now discuss what are the changes brought about by AI in the communication industry.

D. Video Trailers

Many advertising companies are making use of machine learning/artificial intelligence algorithms to get the perfect content for their videos. Now, if they want to prepare a video on a specific topic, naturally, research has to be conducted on the existing videos, and existing articles on the internet. With AI, they can prepare a story or case study that does not exist and help their product/service get more popular among the public through videos.

The area, locality and all. Based on all these data, the digital marketing team can take a cue and then decide on the perfect content for posters and images for social media platforms.

The Future

Do you understand the result of all these happenings? Search engines want to give their customers the best for their searches. And in time, when voice searches are becoming the favorable option, naturally the content has to be changed. So, the content writers/editors will have to be more creative, so that their articles can stand the test of time and help to make their website come up in the rankings.

There is another alarming trend for content writers in the making. Okay, let us keep you in the loop with this example. In the past, many used to search for a certain topic by typing the entire word or sentence. But now, the trend has changed.

Let us imagine, you have gone to a wedding party. You find a person wearing an excellent shirt. Now, since you are busy, you could not meet the person and ask for information. What is the next easy step? You took a photo of the person’s shirt and uploaded it on the search engine. You get details of the e-commerce website to purchase. Imagine the changes that have happened in search.

Olden Times

Before 15 years, any content can work. You just need to write an article and publish it. But now, customers and search engines need great content. And it is not only words, that are gaining attention. Content is expressed in the form of voice, images, videos, and text. And the effort to bring change is going to be a hard task for website and business owners. So, what is the best deal?

If a website owner is not going to change the content, his/her website will be present online, but will not be caught for the search engine results. So, some business owners will find it very difficult to make the change.


With the last paragraph, we come to the end of this article on how artificial intelligence will transform media strategy and communications. Did you get valuable information? If you are impressed, please drop a comment below.

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