How can animated videos be used to grow your business?

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Traditional marketing techniques have become obsolete, and it doesn’t suit the purpose in the present day. 

As the days are passing by, marketers are using different unique methods for promoting their products and services throughout the internet. With this emerging trend, it has become the best formula for all businesses across several industries.

According to the statistics, about 59 percent of the audience likes to watch animated promotional videos from their favorite brand or company. About 74 percent of millennials find videos more helpful than reading texts. 

It is also seen that companies can improve the numbers at the stock markets by about 12 percent when they are promoting their products and services using animated videos across social media platforms.

Animated videos have the right capabilities to grab the attention of the audience and can be utilized ingeniously in various tones. It becomes helpful for people to promote their brands by emotionally connecting to their audience. To ensure that the video is the right fit for their business, organizations get in touch with the best video production companies.

All new to animated videos? Don’t know how you can make the best use of it? No worries! Here are some of the effective ways that can be used to improve marketing and sales in your company.

5 Different ways to use Explainer videos for business growth

Storytelling Videos

Everyone across the world loves listening to stories, especially fresh and impactful ones. Stories help them in portraying pictures and use their imaginary skills excitingly with compelling characters that keep them entertained throughout.

Moreover, in businesses, storytelling is becoming one of the crucial strategies and buzzwords. The stories allow you to convey the message to your audience where showing them bar graphs or statistics would not work.

People can use stories that connect their brands and the nature of work innovatively on a particular goal. With top brands using this method to promote their products and services, you can also implement these storytelling tactics to establish yourself as a brand in the market.

Storytelling videos are used for promotions and branding in the form of case studies where companies can promote their products or services. 

Although it becomes essential for you to come up with a unique storyline that can connect to the users instantly; however, it is still considered as one of the powerful strategies across the board.

There are certain things that you must keep in mind to make your video impactful:

  • The video must relate to the product that you are selling
  • It would help if you connected emotionally with your audience so that you can create a good impression.
  • Using characters, conflicts, or curiosities will help you in making your video more engaging to the audience.
  • Make sure that you are following the right track and are giving the audience what they are expecting from you.

Explainer Animated Content-Based Videos

If your business deals with excellent products and services but lacks in presenting them to the target audience, then explainer videos are the best option that you have.

Explainer videos help you to present the description of the products and services through visual communication innovatively and creatively. 

The basic idea of promoting products and services through explainer videos is to market your brand. It also helps you to do promotions engagingly and entertainingly so that the audience can connect to you quickly. The animated explainer video educates the audience interestingly and helps them in making a better decision.

Explainer videos try to explain the products or services to the audience. It helps you in creating a remarkable impression on them by evoking the right emotion or humor. 

This helps you in creating an emotional touch with the audience, and this connection helps them in deciding whether to buy products or opt for the services that you are offering.

As per statistics are concerned, the explainer videos help you in increasing your sales and generate leads by about 52 percent. You can come up with your animated explainer videos by using several animation tools that are available on the internet. Make sure that you are keeping the UI and UX design simple and effective.

Video Infographics

The current generation is now shifting from reading to visuals. Infographics are being used in businesses as a marketing technique as it was used a decade before.

Presenting a statistical analysis of data, figures, information, and facts interestingly will help you in grabbing the attention of the audience quickly. However, it is not something that you should be showing them in the form of texts. You can come up with a video explaining how the statistics are when it comes to the market.

You can make a significant impact on your target audience when you are giving them the right and authentic analysis of data. Also, you need to give them evidence of the data that you are going to show them. People across social media platforms love to watch videos that have the right set of data. It also helps you in boosting up your SEO performance to a great extent.

Video Infographics are the best step that you can take for promoting products and services in the market. You can also come up with a story and use the data that you have determined in the video at the right intervals. 

It helps you in making a good impact on the audience’s mind. Using infographic videos across all your business is highly profitable, and it is a proven fact.

Whiteboard animation

It is also known as video scribing. You can use techniques like drawing some sketches on a whiteboard that relates to the products or services that you are selling and promoting it online.

Whiteboard animated videos are the best elements that are offered by companies providing explainer video services. It helps you in presenting complicated information to the audience in quite simple illustrations. It also allows viewers to interpret the information at a faster rate and in an engaging way.

Also, presenting your idea and delivering a message efficiently to your audience using whiteboard animated videos also helps you in earning their trust quickly. You can also add some personal touch in the videos that can grab the attention of the audience and is also helpful to the businesses.

You can use the training libraries to create interactive and useful animated videos on the whiteboard.

Tutorial Videos

Animated videos are also being used for training and tutorials. It is being used for demonstrating the process and explaining the internal workflow of the products to the audience. Animation can create great effects when presenting the workflow to the audience.

It helps in getting more in-depth insights and understandings about the products and services that the company is dealing with. 

Using animated tutorial videos across several businesses becomes exciting for the employees too. They can use it to train their interns or juniors.

When creating a tutorial video, you can also utilize screenshots or screencasts to make the video more useful and informative.

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Through animated videos, businesses are now promoting their products and services across all the markets. 

It allows you to assess your creativity and convincing skills to a great extent, as these both elements become an important aspect of expanding your business throughout the social media platforms. 

Intercommunication with the audience will help you in dominating the market for years, and this can be done through animated videos itself.

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