How Can You Start Video Podcasts To Promote Your Business

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The success of a business is measured in terms of the revenue it brings home. This will depend on several factors such as the quality of the product or service, its market availability, cost-effectiveness, etc.

However, when your product satisfies all these criteria, the next major step will be to chalk out ways in which you can help the product come to the notice of your target audience. That is where video podcasts come to the picture. In this article, we shall explore ways how initiating video podcasts will be an effective promotional venture for your brand.


Establish an Authoritative Presence

In any business, a potential client will approach you because you have higher expertise on the subject. With a video podcast, you have a platform to share your expertise, thereby making it easier to establish your credibility.

With a video podcast series, you will be able to indulge your body language, oratory skills, editing hacks, and others in establishing that you are well-informed on the subject. A promo video maker will allow you to come up with a professional-quality video podcast in a matter of minutes. Such initiatives will go a long way in establishing you (and subsequently, the brand that you represent) as an authority in the field and lay the foundations of trust.

Build a Connection

When you broadcast regularly, the audience has a clear picture of your company values and the way the business is run. Unlike the case of traditional blogs or audio podcasts, here, the audience gets to see you as a living, breathing entity. To them, you are the face of the brand that you represent, and the more you try to connect with them, the better they will connect with your brand.

To increase the reach of your video podcasts, direct your efforts at making the videos more engaging. Various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook give you the provision of Live videos. You can also opt for polls or comments on posts to understand what the audience expects of your video podcasts and then give it to them.

Community Building

The video podcast series that you create should aim at not just promoting your brand, but also at bringing together like-minded people. These days, podcast communities are becoming increasingly popular, and if your brand is able to establish a community of its own (like the #PodernFamily or #PodcastMafia), you will be able to keep up with relevant individual podcasters on Twitter.

This will also give you a reliable digital family to fall back on. A look into recent social media trends ascertains the fact that such communities are more likely to lend an ear to the brand.

Let Customers Decide How Much to See of You

From a marketing perspective, you see everyone who is interested in your product as a customer or a potential customer. However, one must realize that each individual customer is unique and comes with his or her own set of expectations. With video podcasts, they get to see as much (or as little) of you as they want.

As a marketing professional, your job is to use an ad maker to create a video podcast. When you make it public, let the target audience know if its existence. That way, whoever wants to watch it will be able to while the others will not be irritated at being forced to watch something against their will.

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Be Regular in your Video Podcasts

Before you start a video podcast series, you must make sure that you are ready for the challenge. Making a video is much tougher than writing a blog or recording an audio podcast. You need to chalk out the flow, script, direction, props, lighting, and several other factors to simply shoot the video.

Once shot, the video needs to be edited to perfection. Videos need to be shot and released regularly if you want your video podcast to have an impact on your target audience.

That is why it is a good idea to sit back and gauge the volume of work that goes into making a video. Start off by identifying how often you will be able to create a quality video podcast and then letting people know of the same. Space is in a manner that allows you to deliver regular videos without compromising on its quality.

Better Website Traffic

If a video podcast is good, audiences are likely to recommend it to their friends and family members. If your video description directs back to the brand’s website, then chances are that people watching the video on YouTube will click on the link and be directed to the product page to find out more about the product. You can also have a provision wherein clicking on the video will automatically redirect the user to your brand’s page.

To ensure that people like your video, invest your efforts in learning how to edit videos for YouTube. Understand that audiences are more likely to prefer a well-edited video over some amateur work.

Email Marketing Strategy for Video Podcasts

Email is the oldest digital communication channel and has stood every test of time. As a brand, you can leverage the power of emails by sending out links to your video podcasts every time you publish something new.

Considering that your firm must already be having an email broadcast list ready, this will be simple to incorporate. However, you will be surprised to learn that a significant fraction of people reading your emails are keener on video content, and letting them know that you make video podcasts will make a world of difference.

Thus, you can see that starting a video podcast series can give your business the boost that you had envisioned for years. All you need to do is understand how it benefits your brand and then work towards it will the utmost dedication. In due course of time, you will see your efforts bearing fruit as the results of your video podcast campaign steer your organization to newer heights of glory.

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