How Do You Make Your Voice Sound Scary? [2021 Guide]

Hallowing is getting closer and it is time to start the spooky preparations. And even if this scary holiday is not nearby by the moment you read this guide, it is always fun learning how to create a scary voice. Now you might be wondering: how do you make your voice sound scary?

Luckily you do not need any fancy equipment or specialized program. There are tools you can use as scary voice changer and most of them are free or offer free trials functions. Here we have prepared a top 5 of the best tools you can use. We will also explain step-by-step how you can use the best alternative. 

Part 1: Use Top 5 Voice Changers to Make Your Voice Sound Scary!

2.1  iMyFone Filme

We place Filme video editor as the first option since it offers plenty of other convenient tools you can use. You can use it as a scary voice changer, video editor, audio editor, and more. You can download the free trial from the official website. It is a tool compatible with computer operating systems like Windows, macOS.

You can use the scary voice changer over an already existing video or audio. You might as well use it directly while recording your voice with your microphone. In addition to having a list of over 15 voice effects, you can use different sound filters to mitigate noise and adjust the voice pitch.

As a video editor, Filme allows you to customize all your videos. You can add smooth video clips transitions, text, cinematic effects, stickers, and more. It includes the editing functions like copy, paste, trim, rotate, and adjust speed.

2.2 Voicemod

If you need a real-time scary voice changer, then Voicemod can be the right alternative for you. This is a tool designed to customize your voice for calls, stream sessions, and real time recording.

Although it is merely limited to voice effects, it compensates this aspect with the bread compatibility it has with multiple online platforms. It is supported by Discord, Fortnite, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Skype, WhastsApp Desktop, TeamSpeak, and more.

The interface is rather simple so you can learn how to create a scary voice right away. You can as well use other effects like robot, demon, chipmunk, man, woman, among others. Each month, the free voice changers are updated so you can keep having fun and never get bored.

2.3 LingoJam

LingoJam is a voice changing tool you can use for free. The services offered are rather straight forward so you can quickly get how to create a scary voice. This is a great alternative if you need to use an online scary voice changer. You can use it from any internet browser, which means that you can use it from your computer or from your smartphone.

It is free to upload the clip you want to transform with the scary voice changer. You can use the recorder available to create the audio that you want to transform right away. There are other funny alternatives of voice changers available on this website. Once your audio is modified, you can download it or share it with your friends on your social media platforms.

You can use them for free and summit suggestions to improve each effect. The community is active and there will be always improvement and new voice changer alternatives. You can be sure that the voice transformation will be scary indeed.  

2.4 Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal is a voice Changer software developed by NCH software. It is a program that is compatible with MacOS and Windows. It offers a complete vocal effect library to help you create the spookiest voices. You can use it for gaming platforms to have a nice time with your friends. It is also compatible with voice call platforms.

In addition, you can adjust your audio with multiple sound editor tools. For example, you can add background noises to improve the scary effect. You might as well add other effects and adapt your voice pitch.

2.5 Accusonus Voice Changer

We mentioned some simple alternatives. Yet, if you are looking for a more specialized tool then you can use Accusonus Voice Changer. This is a premium tool that allows you to morph your voice into different monsters identities.

It offers a polished voice effect. You can use different voices effects that go from the most epic tones to the soft and unsettling whispers. The effect is created quickly and the interface is intuitive for beginner users. If you are willing to invest for your scary voice changer, then you can consider this option. 

Part 2: How to Create a Scary Voice Using iMyFone Filme

Now that you have learned the best alternatives available, we want to complete the guide with a step-to-step guide. Filme is the best tool since you can quickly modify your voice while you get the best results. Besides, it is a free tool that you can try at any moment. Follow these steps if you want to learn how to make your voice sound scary with iMyFone Filme:

  1. Download and install the iMyFone Filme video editor. You can get the latest version safely from the official website.
  2. Once installed, open your Filme video editor. How you continue will depend on whether you have the video or audio you want to change or if you want to record the audio.
  3. If you already have the audio or video and want to use the scary voice changer: You need to import the media to your Filme editor. Once it is imported, you can drag and drop it into the timeline to start editing it. Left click over the media to add the scary voice changer.
  • If you want to record the audio you want to morph into a scary monster: Click on the ¨Voice Recording” option. It has a microphone icon. Now, a new window of options will open up. You need to select the input source (Your microphone) and then you can choose the voice effect you want to use. Click on the red button to start recording. Stop the recording by clicking on the same bottom. 
  • Once your audio or video are ready, you can export them in any format.

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