How Email to Fax / Fax to Email Works Best: How To Send A Fax through Email

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Even after all these years, faxing is still preferred over many other communication media. Masses of people love fax and use it due to its ultimate security advantages that surpass all other means of official communication.

If you know a little bit about fax, then you might know that faxing has its origins from the past. Some decades ago, people started using this method of faxing. In spite of the fact that it is quite old and there are many new competitors in the communication field, faxing still hasn’t lost its color. People are not able to let go of it.

However, with the world constantly evolving, faxing has overgone some changes too. And these changes were quite necessary as people were getting tired of using the troublesome faxing methods like that of faxing machines, printers, phone lines, and many other hardware too. Hence, the fax needed to be given a vogue.

Nowadays, many new methods of faxing have been developed and some are so good that people are getting rid of their fax machines for it. A new technology known as email to fax or fax to email has been developed to make the task of faxing much more convenient and simpler than before. There are many fax services out there that claim to provide you the services of this new innovation of email to fax.

However, you can not at all trust any of them because the majority are just scams and nothing else. All they do is to intrude in and steal your private info. So, to make the task easier, we have here the best of all fax services. And we’re not just saying this, we will provide all the facts and figures proving it to be the best.

CocoFax – Faxing From Email Is Not A Dream Now

CocoFax is an online fax service that does an excellent job in email to fax technology. CocoFax allows you to get as well as send faxes over email through the extraordinary features that it provides for this purpose. That is why, it tops all other competitors in its field and is the leading online fax service provider in the market.

The best blogger, Google Fax Free has the latest content to send faxes through email. Google Fax Free knows about all the online fax services and guides people in the best way. You can visit Google Fax Free and get your hands on the latest and most recent information and news about the online faxing tools that the market provides. 

So let’s start off with its amazing services. CocoFax has a lot many unique features to make faxing as easy and convenient as possible. These unique services are really hard to find in any other online fax service provider in the market. This way, CocoFax always remains on the top.

CocoFax is loved and used by many. All over the world, big organizations that use faxes to transfer their important confidential documents utilize CocoFax’s services in order to have an enjoyable and smooth faxing experience. Many individuals like professionals and freelancers also love to use CocoFax as it is the best one of its kind.

The best blogs about online fax services are on Google Fax Free, you can navigate to this website. CocoFax’s superiority can also be seen from the fact that it has been able to gather reviews from many top news outlets like the New York Times and Forbes.

For What Reason Is CocoFax Needed?

In case that your mind is questioning about why was there ever a need for CocoFax, here you will get all your answers. CocoFax is there to end the incompatibility issue between the emails and faxes. this incompatibility is due to the different working methods of these two platforms.

Faxing originated in the old days hence uses telephone lines for its transmission. Phone lines operate on analog signals. However, emails are a much recent advancement than faxes and use digital signals for transmission. So, in this way, it is quite difficult for both email and fax to understand the work of each other.

Therefore, email clients are not equipped with faxing beforehand. This is only made possible through the use of online fax services and the best and most perfect one is undoubtedly CocoFax.

What Does CocoFax Need To Fax Through Email?

CocoFax understands its customer’s needs well. It knows that people are tired of using troublesome requirements like fax machines, paper and toner, etc. Therefore, it has made requirements as simple as possible. So simple that you might already have them with you.

An Internet Connection

As you know, emails operate through the internet and so does CocoFax. Hence, an internet connection is a must thing to have. You must make sure that the device you are using for faxing is connected to the internet.

A CocoFax Account

Online fax services only work if you have registered yourself with them. CocoFax also needs sign-up before allowing you to use its amazing faxing features. however, making an account with CocoFax is easy as you don’t even have to pay for it.

CocoFax allows you to sign-up for free through the 30-day free trial it offers. Through this trial, you get to use CocoFax services without any payment for a month.

A Fax Number

Fax number is the most essential requirement as it is required in every faxing technique. Whether you are using fax machines or advanced innovation such as online fax services, a fax number is a must in every faxing method. CocoFax fixes this part as well by providing you with a free fax number that you can even make yourself.

How To Use CocoFax’s Email-to-Fax Service?

When talking about email faxing, we need to consider both aspects, sending as well as receiving faxes via email. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

Email to Fax

CocoFax’s email to fax service allows you to send faxes through email, any email client like Gmail, Yahoo etc. will do the work. The procedure to use it is really simple and easy to understand.

Step 1: The very first thing that needs to be done is the sign-up. You first need to create an account wit CocoFax before you can start using its email faxing services for free. opt for the 30-day free trial and start the sign-up process. Also, select a suitable fax number for yourself.

Step 2: In addition to the fax number, also provide the email id of the account you wish to use for faxing purposes. Make sure that the account is active.

Step 3: When the sign-up is done, you will have to log in to your email account which you have associated with your CocoFax account. Open it and click on the button of ‘New Mail’.

The ‘To’ field is where you write the email address of the person to whom you’re sending your email. However, in this case, this field will have the fax address instead. The ‘Subject’ field is just a top note of your fax, the text written in it will appear at the top of your fax as a note when it reaches the receiver’s side. The email body is to have the introductory page content of the document you want to fax.

Attach your document that you need to fax, this is done through the paper clip icon. Hit the send button once everything is in place. CocoFax will convert this email into a fax first, then send it to the fax number you entered.

Fax to Email

CocoFax’s fax to email service allows you to get faxes through email. Any of the faxes sent to your fax number will be directed to your email and you can access them from there easily.

All the conversion work is done by CocoFax. It converts all the faxes to emails and then sends it to the email id that you provided at the time of sign-up.


Email faxing was never this easy. CocoFax has made it not only easy but also a simple task to provide fax lovers with much convenience. So what are you waiting for? Start using CocoFax to utilize email faxing at its best.

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