How gaming glasses are a game-changer

If the lockdown period left you glued to your computer or mobile screens, then take a deep breath, we are all in this together. With nowhere to go, the only source of entertainment left with us was our digital devices. Playing for hours on end on phones, laptops and gaming consoles became much more common. If you want to protect your eyes from the damage caused by blue light, then you should definitely read more about computer or gaming glasses.

We have become so addicted to our phones that the first thing we do after waking up and the last thing to do before sleeping is to check our phones. Dependability on phones or laptops has skyrocketed so much that we cannot even imagine a single day without them.

What are Computer Glasses?

Blue light is the part of light with shorter, blue wavelengths. No doubt, blue light helps us remain attentive throughout the day as it boosts our mood and helps us stay awake. While it is essential for maintaining good health, too much exposure to it can turn out to be risky for the eyes and also for the rest of the body.

Playing games increases our screen time which impacts our health. The electronic screens emit blue light and excessive exposure to it can meddle with our body clock. Computer glasses are the perfect solution to this problem as they block around 80-90% of blue light. Like reading glasses, computer glasses have become a separate category in recent times. 

An impressive product, computer glasses are a game-changer for everyone who has a desk job or loves playing games online. Suitable for everybody, these glasses can also be used for your online classes, work, Facetiming, or streaming content.

Benefits of Computer Glasses

1. Improved eye health

Concentrating on a screen for long hours can lead to conditions like eye strain, dry eyes and watery eyes. With blue light glasses, you don’t have to worry about all this. People with prescription glasses can get their glasses coated with a blue light coating to ensure maximum protection.

2. A Good night’s sleep

People do not get enough sleep because exposure to light during night time suppresses the secretion of the sleep hormone called melatonin. Lack of sleep can make a person irritable and unproductive. People who are more exposed to blue lights at night can benefit from blue light blocking glasses.

3. Precaution against other diseases

When the sleep cycle gets disturbed with more exposure to blue light, it can lead to other diseases as well. Being awake at odd hours makes a person hungry and people generally do not opt for healthy treats at night. Regular consumption of junk food before bed can make a person obese which can alter blood sugar level leading to diabetes.

Anti-Blue light glasses can get your sleep cycle back on track and help you avoid all other diseases.

4.  Asset for gamers

Computer glasses are a godsend product for hard-core gamers. The one industry who has seen a major rise in its customers in 2020 is the gaming industry. With a lot of fun games available in the market today which keep us engaged all the time, health should not be compromised with continuous long hours sitting in front of a digital screen. Therefore, protection of eyes becomes a top-most priority with the usage of blue light blocking glasses.

It is hard to ignore so many amazing benefits of computer or gaming glasses. Now you must have realised that protecting your eyes is important not only from sun rays but also from the blue light. With Specscart, you can buy anti-Blue light glasses UK in different colours and frames. You can get them in both – non-prescription and prescription glasses. All the glasses already have anti-glare, anti-resistance and anti-UV coatings with no extra cost. Specscart also provides a free home trial of four frames for a week. 

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