How Hospitals Use Technology to Solve Problems During COVID-19

The novel 2019 COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has rocked the world. Markets are failing, economies are in recession, and job security has seemingly evaporated overnight. The rebuild process is slowly but steadily starting, but the world will doubtless take years to fight back from the effects of this pandemic.

The industry that’s fighting the virus on the frontlines, though, is doubtless the healthcare industry. What are the problems in hospitals that have arisen as a result of COVID-19.

Then, we’re going to take a look at how these healthcare establishments are solving these problems with the use of technology. There’s never been a time in history that technology has been more crucial to saving massive amounts of human life. 

What Are the Problems in Hospitals and How Does Technology Solve Them?

The first and most obvious problem that hospitals are encountering right now is COVID-19 exposure. The virus takes no hostages, and it’s important that exposure to hospital staff is minimized.

Not only will exposure to the hospital staff result in the staff being affected, but they may also then carry the virus and infect other patients who are in the hospital for unrelated reasons.

There are several ways that technology is helping to combat this problem. The first such way is through personal protective equipment like the N95 mask. Such equipment will help in minimizing skin exposure to the air, which is one of the mediums through which the virus can travel.

Another important problem that has to be solved is space requirements. Now that more people are sick than ever, hospitals are quickly running out of space both in their general wards as well as their intensive care units. So how is this problem solved with technology?

More and more cities are using technology to turn non-healthcare spaces into temporary establishments. With the use of the right construction technology, new healthcare spaces can be erected in a matter of hours. Before, this would have taken months if not years.

Last but not least, another significant challenge hospitals face is keeping up with the network demands that have resulted from COVID-19. Hospitals have to track cases. They have to respond to the media. They have more patient records to document. Overall, their network requirements have skyrocketed.

The solution is Wireless AI. These wireless networks can expand and scale as necessary to support a hospital’s increasing reliance on digital technology. 

Technology Is Leading the Hospital Fight

The problems that are faced by US hospitals in the fight against COVID-19 are being mitigated with technology. In many ways, technology is to thank for the continued smooth operation of American hospitals.

Now that you know what are the problems in hospitals and how tech is solving them, you should have a much better appreciation for how the healthcare industry relies on tech.

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