How A PBN Can Help Your Site Grow Your Search Ranking

It is the main aim of digital marketing engineers and website owners everywhere to boost their sites right to the top of the search engine results pages. One under utilized strategy which has been shown to be effective is the use of a PBN. This stands for Public Blog Network and it is an alternative way for building backlinks to your website by using high-authority second-hand domains.

In this article we will explain how a PBN can help your site grow your search ranking.

1. You Have Access To High Authority Sites for Cheaper Than Usual

This is one of the most attractive aspects of using a PBN to grow your website’s search engine rankings. The way that PBN’s work is that you place your backlinks on domain sites that have been bought or are just about to expire. These sites have been built up by their previous owners and have good authority already. The content is then adjusted to make it relevant to your site so that backlinks can be added. These website’s cost a lot less than it would cost you for a guest post and link on a top blogger’s site.

2. You Can Get Multiple Backlinks at Once

Because your PBN will have multiple domains ready to go, you can get started on your link building straight away. You don’t have to personally source each domain as the pbn hosting service will already have a catalogue for you to choose from. All you need to look at is the authority credentials of the domains and create your links and articles. There are expiring domains for sale through brokers and on a number of auction sites so it is all about choosing the right domains and making sure that you pay a good price for them. 

3. The Sites Have Already Been Proven

What makes PBN domains so appealing is that the website’s have already built up their authority before being sold or allowed to expire so you know that they can be effective in improving your search engine results. The trick is to make sure that the website’s content is changed so that it reflects your site so that the backlink seems natural to the search engine algorithms. If you are able to do this, then the domain will work as well for you as it did for those previously.

4. Experienced PBN Engineers Will Mask the PBN from Google

This is extremely important because if the Google spiders detect that you are using PBN domains then all of your backlinks can be negated and your site could even be blacklisted. A skilled and experienced PBN engineer will be able to hide this from the spiders by creating the right kind of content for each of the domain sites to ensure that they don’t get flagged. It is vital that they create quality, niche content, and links because the consequences can be costly and severe.

PBN can be a very effective method for growing your search ranking but it is important that you understand the risks. Be sure that you know that the domains you use are not going to be flagged up by the spiders and you could be in for a real bargain!

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