How save the knowledge gained during the school year

Almost every student in his life has wondered how not to lose the knowledge gained during the school year and learn it for a long time. If you think about it, this is a pressing problem, especially with technical subjects, which concerns almost all students in educational institutions. Most failures in the learning process are due to the difficulties in remembering large amounts of information.

We have selected for you the most effective techniques, which allow you to make the most of your abilities, not to lose knowledge during rest, and productively prepare for the exam. Make sure you have plenty of free time and get ready to work hard. To save time, use the ‘write my essay for me’ service and get professional help.

Follow a specific memorization technique

German researchers have proposed an effective technique on how to memorize material for an exam more effectively. You need to follow the rule of 3 steps:

  • In the first step, you need to choose a small section of the text, from which you can immediately remember the main points. After reading it, you need to recreate the information in your own words.
  • The second step is to reproduce the passage of text again.
  • And the third is to check whether you have retold the information correctly.

This technique does not require a large expenditure of energy, because the amount of memorized text does not cause problems in memorization, and its reproduction is not stressful. Information is remembered this way very quickly, but for a short time – if you want to place it in your long-term memory, you will need to repeat this algorithm regularly.


When preparing for an exam in a couple of days, all the rote information “wears out” of your head in about the same period, or even faster. Therefore, it is important not only to use memorization techniques as an express aid but also to systematically repeat memorized information. There are different techniques, but the most effective stand out “the way of eight. It involves repeating what you have read in 8 hours, then in 8 days, and 8 weeks. Considering that 30% of people forget the information already in an hour after reading it, it is important to take into account the rules of the previous paragraph.

Tell it in your own words.

One of the classic methods of memorization, which is always relevant – retelling the information to another person. In this case, the material is absorbed many times more effectively, because a person finds the most interesting points in the text, retelling which is more productive of remembering the information.

Unusual ways of memorizing

Asked the question of how to memorize learning material for a long time, the students came up with various ways of assimilating information. For example, some helped to record a text on the audio and then listen to it before the exam, others sang the text, combined memorization of the material with physical exercises. One popular way is to memorize a text, the words of which are associated with some associations, pictures, or invented abbreviations. Taking into account the individual characteristics of everyone, the best solution is to choose your version, the effectiveness of which will be higher than the others.

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