How to Automate Answering and Sending Emails

When it comes to choosing how and when to respond to every customer inquiry, it is nearly impossible to not set up automated responses at some point in the business cycle. Of course, it would be ideal to interact with every customer or potential customer on a personal basis, carefully constructing the right personalized email but in today’s world, that is not feasible.

Luckily, there are options nowadays to set up automated email responses. When setting up these types of responses, new challenges arise in order to set up automated responses without sounding impersonal at the same time. But there are ways that this can be achieved. It is important to set up your automated responses in a way that doesn’t come across as cold or brash to your clients. 

Why Use Automated Emails?

There are many reasons to automate your email responses. First, whenever a customer makes an inquiry about a product or a service, an automated response sent directly to them right away shows them that you’ve received the message and will get back to them within a designated time frame. Second, the professionals from Cirrus Insight explain that automated emails can be used for troubleshooting technical problems while quickly helping the customer with the issue. Thirdly, they can be used for receiving feedback from your customers in a timely manner. With all of the benefits of automated email systems, it is also important to set them up in the right way that won’t sound cold to your customers. 

Email Automation Tips

Automatically Personalize Your Emails. 

When you choose to personalize your automated emails, then you are leveraging your communication and your time with your customers. The personalization involved can do things such as embed a customer’s name into your email responses. You can go a step further and include information from Salesforce or another CRM that adds information about what the client has used in the past or is looking for in terms of products or services. 

Stay Consistent

Customer service email templates can not only save your customer service team time and effort but also will create consistency when responding to technical problems or commonly asked questions. 

Get Feedback

Another reason for using automated emails is to get feedback or send surveys to your customer base about your products or services. This is a method that is used to embed these types of surveys or feedback questions into an email that your customer can quickly respond to. They can also be set up to send out at later times or can be automatically embedded into response emails after a customer orders or receives their product. 

Schedule Your Emails

When using automated emails, another huge benefit is the fact that you can choose when your emails go out. When is the best time for an email to be sent in order to have a more ideal opening rate? These are things to consider when choosing when to send out customer emails. Automated emails can also be scheduled in order to follow up with your client or customer a few weeks after a product is sent out or a service is completed. 

Integrate with CRMs

You can also integrate email automation into your CRM in order to give personalized email responses as mentioned before but this can go even further into your scheduling systems. You can schedule your emails through your CRM with the personalizations automatically added to them. You can even connect emails with your social media accounts or include attachments automatically from your cloud or other systems such as Dropbox or GitHub. 

Better Customer Care

You can also improve your customer care as you can respond much quicker to customer inquiries or issues through automated email responses that are set up to help with technical difficulties. This is also great for times when your company is closed or you have a limited customer service team. Customer care automated emails are also beneficial since they can be personalized straight out of your CRM with important product information and customer information, giving the automated response a personalized touch each and every time. 

With all of the benefits of automated email systems, there should be no question to set them with and to integrate the responses into your current CRM system. In fact, once you have it set up, you will see a quicker turnaround time for your customer inquirers, sales conversion rates, and customer satisfaction surveys. Your customers will appreciate your fast responses while saving money and time at the same time. 

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