How to Automate Your Workspace

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Can you imagine an office without technology? It is difficult. No computer, no printer, no smartphone, and no apps. It would be practically impossible to do modern office work without the use of technology. Yet, there are many technological tools that you can use to automate even more your workspace.

Arguably, your desk is the most important piece of furniture at your workplace. Thus, you can begin the automation of your workspace with your desk. It has been scientifically demonstrated that a standing desk helps you to stay healthy while working. Sitting for an entire workday, five days a week for several years is a recipe for disease. Besides, a standing desk also impacts positively on your mood and productivity.

You can buy a standing desk from any office furniture supplier. Or if you prefer, you can automate your old desk using a table frame set. Check a catalog and pick one that fits the size of your desk. Do the project yourself. It will be very rewarding to work on a standing desk that you assembled with your own hands.

But that’s only the beginning. You can automate many other parts of your workspace and have a very unique office. Do you want more ideas? Here are two additional ideas:

  • Office automation control system;
  • Automatic lighting system.

Let’s discuss each of the above ideas in detail. Most of the automation can be done as DIY projects. So, if you like working with tools, you may automate your workspace on your own.

Standing Desk

The benefits of standing while working are many. You don’t need to work on your feet during the entire workday though. You can work a few hours seated and then switch to standing. To adjust the height of the desk quickly and comfortably, you must use an electromechanical system. This will allows for up and down movements with the simple pushing of a button.

Office Automation Control System

You probably have heard the term ‘smart home’ somewhere, right? It refers to the automation of all the systems of a home such as HVAC, lighting, and others. Well, the same principle can be used to create a ‘smart office’ via an office automation system. His way, you’ll be able to control all the systems of your workspace from a smartphone or tablet. What’s more, some systems are equipped with sensors to perform according to the number of people in the workspace. This allows for energy saving and optimal performance.

Personalized Lighting System

You cannot rely solely on office automation. Such a system can adjust the lighting level in the office depending on the number of people. But if you have special needs, you must be able to control the light of your workspace. For example, as age advances, you often require more light to work productively. With a personalized lighting system, you can set the optimal lighting level on your desk. You can do it easily by clicking on a button on a mobile app. What’s more, even if you change your workspace, the app will keep your settings to optimize lighting on your new desk.

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