How To Build SaaS in a Sustainable IT Industry

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SaaS is now the secret sauce of the IT industry and also the business sector as well. Almost everybody employs the use of Software as a Service (SaaS); people are therefore now interested in how to develop Software as a service. The world today places heavy reliance on SaaS; apps that are used for work, entertainment, intimacy, personal growth, and lots more are all being propelled by SaaS; it is worthy of mention that popular apps like Google Cloud, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Adobe Cloud and many more are using the SaaS Model. As a serious business-oriented individual or entrepreneur, you can read more on how to build SaaS so you could play the market and make a profit too. 

There are basic steps for building a SaaS product, but for beginners, it is important to mention that creating SaaS product is systematic. First, you need to identify a problem, after which you find an audience faced with the same or similar problem. When you have your targeted audience or group of people, you can now go ahead to define a product feature that solves the problem. When you have successfully done that, the next thing to do is to go ahead and build the product, set and test the product, regulate the pricing, and lastly your market, and then sell access to the product. 

There are two basic requirements for SaaS: firstly, a SaaS product has to be cloud-based; this can be centrally done and hosted on an infrastructure (whether yours or rented).  Secondly, you do not sell the product, rather you sell access to it by means of a subscription. The other steps involved in designing a SaaS product, apart from the ones mentioned before, are now totally left to your discretion as a developer…

Haven established the basics and requirements of what SaaS entails, it is only right to know a step-by-step process of building SaaS products from a software perspective. 

Step-by-step on How to develop Software as a Service 

Building a SaaS product from the software angle is technical; it requires certain skills and abilities in regard to coding and the development of software generally. Below are important points to note when developing a SaaS product. 

1)Learn how to code: In the process of building your SaaS product, you will come across endless opportunities to learn to program, be patient, learn quickly and then develop your skill and mindset. There are various coding languages that are appropriate for software as a service development; it is important that you as a SaaS developer choose a programming language that you are familiar with. Examples of these languages are;  Angular, React, Vue.Js, Node.Js, React Native, and many more. The idea behind using a familiar language is that it allows you to code quickly since you are already using the language and its features. 

2) To create SaaS Products, a reliable Cloud database is needed to store back-end data. The two primary databases are MYSQL and POSTGRESQL. Make sure your SaaS developer is acquainted with at least one or both of the languages.

3) Employ the use of a No-Code tool: you can build a  sellable prototype of your SaaS product with tools like Zapier or Bubble software, and both software provides you with ready-made blocks, and with simple drag and drop editors, you can build a SaaS product. 

4) Hire a developer: For an entrepreneur that does not possess the technical knowledge and skills of building  SaaS, you can easily hire a developer to build your SaaS product according to your specifications. 


We have discussed in this article ways how to develop software as a service in very concise words so that beginners will grasp how the whole system works. 

 A lot of people also ask how long does it take to build a SaaS product? Well, the answer depends on the speed and skill set of the developer, and you can build a Minimum Viable Product in a matter of weeks or months. 

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