How To Build Trust with Your Audience on Facebook

For businesses across industries, Facebook is an excellent place to connect with their target group. It allows them an opportunity to communicate with existing and potential clients and build a relationship of trust. By posting frequent content that interests your target group, you strike a chord with the viewers.

Irrespective of whether you are new to social media marketing or have been in the Facebook space for long, it is important to strategize your content. In this article, we will discuss some ways of leveraging Facebook to build consumer trust.

Start with the Basics

Before you work on creating attractive Facebook ads, you need to focus on the basics of your social media page. Choose a profile picture that reflects your brand and make sure that it is of HD quality. The banner should have powerful visuals that draw the viewer into watching the rest of the content.

Then, fill in the information in the about section of your profile. Ideally, this part should have details of your business specializations, brand philosophy, and other relevant details. This section is especially important as this allows the audience to form their first impression about your brand.

Share Industry Insights

To establish your stance on Facebook, you must share value-adding posts. Depending on your industry niche, you can prepare informative video content. For example, if you are the owner of a beauty salon, you can create videos to demonstrate skincare or makeup tips.

Frequent posting of DIY tutorials will cause Facebook users to turn to you for information. While it is acceptable to include product placements in your tutorial videos, make sure that you maintain a conversational tone. Bluntly promoting your business in every video, will annoy the viewers and cause them to give up on you.

Use Visuals to Establish Your Point

Images and videos improve the visual appeal of your content and drive better Facebook engagement. Studies show that textual posts and those with links make up only 4% of the videos that are shared on Facebook. Those with images and video constitute 87% of the shared posts.

Infographics and graphs share information in an easily obtainable format. This attracts better attention from your target community and lets you establish yourself as a veteran. Consumers are more likely to do business with a firm that is an industry leader in its domain.

Discuss Community Events

Involvement in charity events makes you come off as real and builds a foundation of trust. That way, your target audience realizes that your values run deep, and you think beyond the four walls of your office. It drives home the point that your brand stands by its loyal people and that are willing to lend a hand. Images and video clips from your CSR initiatives come in handy at this point. You can use a Facebook video ad maker tool to weave together such content into engaging stories. These speak about your brand character and motivates others to get involved in the community.

Share Glimpses of Your Office Life

Videos are an excellent way for you to offer a glimpse of your work life to potential prospects. Birthday celebrations at work, Staff orientations, product launches, and team outing videos are some ways of showing the fun side of your brand. That way, you tell your prospects that the people driving your brand know how to draw the line between fun and work. In modern times, such a skill commands respect, and you can expect an increase in the number of followers. Moreover, such real videos are simple to create and require minimal investment. That way, you can create more such videos and gain the trust of more people.

Create Meme Videos

Meme videos are among the most shared forms of Facebook content. Understand that most people turn to Facebook after a hard day’s work to relax and rejuvenate themselves. Memes are short-form funny content that helps them unwind and have a fun laugh.

If your brand can create memes around your product, it helps develop a sense of unity. People who get the joke will feel connected to your brand. Over time, this will help you create a community around the product and generate a loyal fan following. The loyal fans will then act as ambassadors of your product in their respective circle and help you win the trust of a wider group.

Invest in Testimonial Videos

It is basic human psychology that a potential customer is likely to trust the words of an existing customer. To them, these have a higher weightage than a brand that speaks well of itself. You can leverage this by asking your satisfied customers to post reviews on your Facebook page.

While textual reviews are acceptable, video testimonials come off as more genuine. Request your customers for short video clips where they talk about their experience with your brand. Then use any video editing or ad maker of your choice to merge them into shareable clips. While you can trim the content to remove slurs, filters, and speech defects, try to keep the video authentic.

Respond to Reviews

A brand that is active on Facebook is likely to get a lot of reviews. You cannot expect all the reviews to be positive. As a brand, you must be dignified and respond to all the reviews in a prompt and polite manner. Responding to positive comments is a simple task, and you just need to like the post. Commenting a polite ‘thank you should suffice. These influence the trust of the viewers.

However, your response to negative comments is just as crucial. Be practical and try to explain how you are working to resolve the issue.  Make sure you are factually correct and that you post the latest update while responding to such comments.

Every brand’s Facebook journey is unique, and you need to figure out the tactics that work the best for you. As you carve your social media success story, we hope that the above tips were helpful for you in winning the trust of potential customers.

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