How To Choose The Best Colors For Your Business Marketing Materials?

Choosing a color scheme for promoting your business is as important as the font, layout, and other features that get noticed at first glance. You’ll want your business to make a lasting impression and target the audience you want. Making the right selection for your palate makes a major impact on the success of your advertising campaign and growing your clientele.

1. The Intensity of Red

Red is a color that sends a strong message. It stimulates excitement and may quicken your heart rate. When you see red in an advertisement or promotion, you may feel drawn to it with a sense of urgency and energy. It’s often used in association with emergency and cautionary signs with warnings.

Yellow and orange are similar, though less intense than red. When you use this color, you’re sending a message that says “Stop and take a look!” For this reason, orange can be overpowering, but appropriate, depending on the product or service you’re marketing.

2. Blue: A Fresh Look and Color

Blue is the opposite of red in terms of its effect on the consumer. The impact of blue is calmness and a fresh feeling of renewal. When you are introducing a new service or line of products, blue is ideal. There is a sense of trust established in using this color, whether on its own or in combination with other cool colors, such as green, indigo, or purple.

3. The Sophistication of Purple

Purple is often associated with royalty or a deeper meaning. If you want to draw someone’s attention to your business in a way that makes them think more about it, purple provides a certain air of mystery. It’s a color that is often paired with blue for a fresh look or it can be added with red or yellow for a stimulating response.

4. Levels of Optimism and Fun with Yellow and Orange

Yellow and Orange are very similar in their impact on advertising. Orange is the shade of ambition and yellow is optimistic and fun. Orange provides the benefits of both yellow and red by creating a level of excitement and enthusiasm with a playful element. If you’re in doubt about which color to use and you want to draw attention quickly, both orange and yellow are great choices.

5. Brown and Neutral Colors

Brown and neutral shades or earth tones tend to indicate a closeness with nature and the earth. These are ideal for products that feature organic ingredients or are considered natural and free of certain ingredients or items. Since brown isn’t a bright or bold shade, it must be used with this in mind. It can work well with blue, gold, or yellow for aesthetic purposes.

6. The Dramatic Effect of Black and White

Black and white are uniform and work well with other colors, on their own, or together. Monochrome (black, white, and grey shades) create a dramatic effect. This may also project a sense of nostalgia if they are used with a vintage picture or to highlight a brand that is associated with a traditional theme. White is often associated with clean or pure, while black is classy and helps other images, especially colors stand out.

How do Companies Use Colors in Their Marketing Materials?

Often, one or two colors are used or are the main focus of a theme. Keeping it simple is the trend! The boldest colors on opposite ends of the spectrum, red and blue, tend to top the choices for many businesses, while the dramatic effects of black and white are often used. The main idea is to keep the logo and theme overall easy to recognize and “pop” so that customers will remember and associate the colors with a specific brand or company.

Bold and bright colors are important in some cases and can be achieved with high-quality products such as HP Envy Ink, which can be printed in your home or work office easily. Choosing the right words and phrases for SEO (search engine optimization) is important in the same way as choosing which color scheme to apply in your next ad or banner. An SEO consulting agency, such as Incify, can provide the tools you need to get the most out of getting noticed. Like colors, fonts, and images used in advertising, how readily your products and services appear online is important for getting noticed.

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