How To Choose The Right Keyboard For Your Video Gaming

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Not much thought is put into choosing the right keyboard for your video gaming simply because many amateur players assume they all offer the same thing. While we may underestimate these gadgets in believing they aren’t a significant component of a PC’s gaming rig, any experienced player knows not to let those QWERTY keys mislead you. 

Choosing the right keyboard for your gaming is just as important as ensuring you’ve done your research before placing any bets on the NASCAR Cup Series Schedule. It’s an essential gadget for any gamer, and gaming keyboards that are purpose-built are designed to go beyond simply letting you peck and hunt. Here, the aim is to destroy. 

But as a gamer that’s only starting their video gaming journey or still learning the ropes, how do you ensure you’re making the right decision on which keyboard will be perfect for the job? Look no further because this article will let you in on key components that make a good gaming keyboard. 

Your Key Components

The Size

Size is everything. As you may have noticed, some keyboards will have more keys than others. You see a lot of this with laptops, where the screen’s size typically dictates how many keys will fit on the keyboard. 

“Full size” keyboards will have 104 or 105 keys, and this value includes your four directional cursor keys, the full QWERTY alphanumeric section, and dedicated function keys. These keyboards have the widest style, but this may be too big or enough for you, depending on how big the surface you’re working on is. 

A lot of the features on a keyboard will be beneficial or unideal for you depending on your preference, what you need on the keyboard, and how much space you have. So, if number pads are essential to your gaming, then you’d certainly opt for a full-size keyboard. 

Mechanical Vs. Membrane

The next component to consider is the keyboard’s guts. In other words, you need to look at how the different keys will register each time you press them and how they sound and feel each time they’re pressed. With most standard keyboards, you’ll find that they use a variation on their membrane technology which you’ll find under each key. 

Keyboards that are membrane-based are usually inexpensive to create, and their rubber or silicone layers that act as springs are skinny in design. They’re highly versatile but don’t often have that unique “click,” making it hard for gamers to distinguish each key from a tactile perspective when you press the key entirely. 

Mechanical keyboards are somehow similar to keyboards that were designed decades ago. Their keys are usually tall, and under each one, you’ll find a dedicated mechanical switch with its own stem, housing, spring, and click that’ll be highly audible and tactile. 

If you’re a serious gamer, then it’s only obvious that you’ll opt for a mechanical keyboard in case you don’t currently have one. Not only are they precise and tougher than your standard keyboards, but they also offer better feedback when in use. 

Customization And Macro Buttons

The third component has to do with finding a gaming keyboard that will give you an edge when it comes to personal preferences and speed. Some keyboards come with sets of dedicated buttons that you can program to execute in-game macros. 

One keystroke will be all you need when you assign a macro to the keyboard macro button, and this is highly convenient in cases where reaction times have to be short. You can further customize your mechanical gaming keyboards by removing the mechanical switches that you find under each key. 

Backlit Illumination

A lot of people find gaming keyboards that light up to be excessive. However, you’ll be surprised to learn that these adjustable keyboard lights have far more to offer than just the wow factor. By dividing your keyboard into commonly used zones using these backlights, you can use different colors to provide you with quick visual references each time you play a game. 

With time, you’ll stop being conscious of where your fingers need to be going, which will improve your gaming speed.

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