How to Delete Apps on iPhone X And XR

Are you using iPhone X or XR? There are many iPhone users over the world but when you have a new iPhone then you need to know how to Delete an app on your iPhone. We know that there are several inbuild apps that iPhone gives every user but sometimes we think that’s no need for the particular app and we are trying to delete the app. To delete apps on iPhone X or XR, the process is similar.

If you want to remove the one app the follow the process

  1. Open your iphone then go to the app that you want to remove then long press on the tap until the “quick actions menu” appears.

2. After click on the “Remove app” and

3. confirm in the pop-up by tapping “Delete App” ( In this process you can delete the app or you can remove the app from the home screen but still present in your library.

If you want to delete many of apps, then follow the below process

  1. Long Tap on any app then click on the “Edit Home Screen“.
  2. The app icons will wiggle, and a “minus icon” will appear at the upper-left corner of each icon.

3. Next, The apps will disappear from your screen and Click on “Done‘ from the above right corner

If you want to regain any app then you need to visit the apple store and download the app again.

In this way you can Delete Apps on iPhone

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