How to Digitalize DVD Collections Using a DVD Ripper?

Tuning the DVD data into the digital form is the best way to protect and store your favorite movies at a secondary storage device where this helps you to keep your favorite movies, songs and other media files. 

There is a number of DVD ripper software are out on the internet from which you can choose the software that has a wide variety of key features and benefits in ripping different kinds of file formats. 

Once you turn on your DVD-centered digital world then your DVD collections will always be kept in a safe and secure manner which you can use it when your original DVD has scratched. 

With the help of the WinX DVD ripper software and free DVD ripper software program from the Digiarty software, you can easily backup your original media file from the DVD to the secondary storage device. 

Why DVD Ripping Software and not DVD Copy software?

The main reason for using the DVD ripping software instead of using the DVD copy software is that by using the DVD ripping software you can change the file format of the media file and digitalize DVD collections. 

But this feature is not supported by the DVD copy software as this software helps you to copy the media file as such from the original file where you cannot change the media file to your desired file format. 

This attractive ripping feature makes the DVD ripper program to be used widely instead of the DVD copy software. The following are the key features to use the paid DVD ripping tool. 

  • It supports wide range of DVD movies that includes copyright-protected discs, old DVDs, new release, TV series, scratched, 99-title discs and unplayable DVDs.
  • With the help of the DVD ripping software you can digitize your DVD collections into a plenty of file formats (WMV, DVD folder, AVI, MP4, ISO image, MOV, etc) with the tailored presets for Android mobiles, iPhone, 4K TVs games consoles, iPads and other devices. 
  • Copy the media file from DVD is fast and usually it’s within 5-10 minutes as the software is powered with the NVIDIA CUDA, QSV and NVENC with level-3 hardware acceleration. 
  • When you are using quality software like WinX DVD ripping platinum, the original quality of the media is reserved as the tool has a built-in high quality engine. 

Step-by-step guide to use WinX DVD Ripper Platinum to digitalize DVD collections

According to the software review site, the WinX dvd ripper is the most reliable dvd ripping tool in the market now and here are the steps to use it.

  • First thing go to the WinX DVD ripper software official website and download the software for free and install it on your computer device. Open the WinX DVD ripper then click the menu bar present on the top, ISO image, DVD disc or Folder to load the DVD media file type which you want to digitalize.
  • If you are planning to digitalize DVD collections then you should just insert the DVD into your DVD drive then the WinX DVD ripper platinum will scan titles of the DVD media file quickly and then it picks up the right title automatically which you can see in the output profile screen once the scanning is completed. 
  • Choose the desired output file format to which your media file should be converted and click OK button.
  • Enable the hardware accelerator if you want to increases the DVD ripping speeds as it makes use of the GPU hardware.
  • If needed, in the Destination Folder:, click on Browse button and choose the location folder for the converted file to be stored.
  • Finally click the Run button and then your ripping work gets starts and the media file present in your DVD is ripped to be stored on the destination folder selected above or secondary storage device.
  • After some time, you can view the ripped media file in the output folder specified by you to save the ripped movie and the speed are varies depending on the DVD content size and software itself. 


Finally, it doesn’t matter what procedure you are following to take a copy of your favorite DVD movie file it is very important that you need to make use of the best DVD ripping software available in the market. 

We do not recommend the free DVD rippers as almost all the freeware rippers is unable to deal with copy-protected DVDs, have slower ripping speed and the output file formats are also limited.

With the paid ripper, the process of digitalizing usually requires only ripping software and it does not need the specialized skills in which you can take an original copy of your favorite movie or media file into the secondary storage device. 

Therefore digitalize DVD collections at home is very much easier and simpler than converting your favorite old movies on tapes. All the best in digitizing your DVD collections!

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