How to Download Your Favorite Games for Free?

With an increase in the popularity of the digital distribution all over, free-to-play and cracked PC games have now become more widespread. It is simple to find any kind of free games for about any genre that you are interested in, and all legally. In this article, we will look at the free game, which suits your tastes & get paid as fast as possible.

1. RGB Classic Games

The RGB Classic Games generally feature a host of the classic DOS games, earlier unreleased titles, and “modern” DOS titles. This whole website is “devoted to preserving the classic games for the PC operating systems” like DOS, CP/M-86, OS/2, Win9x and Win16, and making them simple to play with the modern systems.

You may look for the games making use of genre & operating system, and the company name, year released, legal status, and, video mode. Moreover, testament to the mission of the RGB Classic Games is that you will play the huge number of the titles on the site-hosted emulator, which includes Hexen, Keen Dreams, and Transport Tycoon and many more of the same genre. Obviously, some best old games aren’t abandonware. You can check out some of the best games worth playing for other trip down the nostalgia avenue.

2. GameTop

The best websites to download the PC games, GameTop offers many downloadable games and even cracked PC games. These games are accessible in the full version with no hidden costs. At the website, you can download PC game belonging to various genres like puzzle, action, racing, arcade, matches & time management. You will find small-sized games 100Mb and more for the PC like The Three Musketeers, Time Machine, statue of liberty, Treasure Island, and many other PC games for the Casual Gamers.

3. Ocean of Games

The website provides the new PC games in the small sizes. It is the websites that do what it assures. Suppose you’re looking ahead to downloading large compressed Games for PC, this is one of the best website. This website allows you to download the games of 60GB. You may download GTA 5PC version of 58GB from the website’s high-speed servers that will allow the file download of the big games.

You may easily download Games of Thrones, Nascar 2015, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, as well as Far Cry 3 from this website with complete ease. Servers are very good and provide download speeds of more than 1 MBPS sometimes. But, it at times takes a bit longer to download in case there is a bit more to load on its server.

4.Games Nostalgia

The trip through childhood ends with the Games Nostalgia. It features many amazing games, which hit the market between 1985 & 1995. Games Nostalgia website is simple to use and allowing you to peruse games by the genres, new arrivals, tags, popularity, and much more. Games Nostalgia goes an extra mile just by packaging every game in its emulator, accessible for both the Windows (in several cases and macOS). In this, Games Nostalgia removes additional steps for playing the most favorite old games. You just download, unzip & start playing the game!

5. Origin

Origin is the digital distribution software, which promotes internet gaming. It is developed by the Electronic Arts, a company behind several globally successful games. Also, you can buy games onto your PC and your mobile. Origin offers their users with a lot of social features like the profile management, socializing with friends via chatting & video streaming through TwitchTV. You also can share the game library & community integration via social media & networking websites such as Xbox Live, Facebook, Nintendo Network and PlayStation Network.

6. Skidrow Reloaded

Skidrow is a big name while it comes about getting the new PC games free. You may safely download the newest games for PC from skidrow reloaded. There’re a lot of games even more than 20GB or 50GB in size, which you may download in various parts and unzip to play it. Some of the new games in the collection are Tomb Raider, Tekken 7, InJustice 2, Assassin’s Creed Origin, BattleField 1, GTA V, and a few more that you can download easily.

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These are the top website to download your favorite games for free on your PC and play anytime you want. Check it out on your computer and have fun!

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