How to Get Leads in Real Estate

Real estate is a property that consists of hectares of land, together with the buildings, infrastructures, and natural resources (crops, water, minerals, nature) on it. It is a very good business to venture into, but it looks breath-taking at the beginning. The global real estate market is worth an estimated $9.6 trillion in 2019.

There are several types of real estate based on their purposes. We have the residential, commercial, the industrial, and the land itself.

  • Residential: This real estate deals with constructing homes of different categories, e.g., single-room flats, double-room flats, vacation homes, duplexes, mansions, etc.
  • Commercial: This deals with buildings like shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals and clinics, hotels and motels, educational buildings, and religious buildings. Even residential homes are considered commercial because they are built to generate income too.
  • Industrial: This includes manufacturing sites, companies, and industries. They are used for research, distribution, and storage of goods and wares. There are still some categories of buildings under this real estate that are considered commercial due to their specific purposes.
  • Land: This real estate deals with bare lands leased to people to practice commercial farming (large-scale farming), to build ranches for animals and parks as the case may be. These lands might be crude, underdeveloped, or developing.

How do you get leads as an agent?

Starting as an agent can be so tiring and frustrating. There are so many questions that run through your mind as an agent. How do I win my client’s heart without experience? How do I attract clients without success stories? You can find some good real estate leads on Nuwber. This article will surely provide answers to those questions in your mind.

Below are some steps on how to get good leads in real estate;

  • Look for the best leads

The first thing for you to understand is where the best leads are from. You don’t just go to the web and check for leads; some bloggers post irrelevant things to cause traffic and make money for themselves. The best leads are from people around you that you have good relationships with; they can introduce you to the right contacts.

  • Contact Loved Ones

Try to reach out to people you know already. Let them know you are a new agent; let them introduce you to their other families, friends, associates, and relations. Building trust amongst these people won’t take much time due to the familiarity before.

These people will keep you in mind and increase your reach to people at a faster rate. By so doing, you get to win the trust of people due to familiarity and relationship.

  • Grow Your Relationships.

Go out and meet new people, don’t just limit your advertisement to people you know.  Try to build a relationship with new people, be friendly with them, expand your network.

You can search the media for people also as an added effort.

There are several ways you can meet people:

 -Relate with new neighbors around

 -Talk to strangers (be careful about this)

 -Attend events and conferences.

 -Join groups.

  • Add up contacts

Gather information about the new people you just met and create a network to link them up, build relationships and trust, engage referrals, and do a follow-up on their wellbeing and plans ahead.

The former step talked about meeting new people, don’t just meet them and advertise alone. Get their contacts, ask them how you can get back to them later. It ensures concrete relationships and not abstract ones (telling them, ‘we will chat later’ without exchanging Infos on how-to).

  • Create strategies

 When you have gotten a handsome number of contacts, put up a plan to strengthen your relationships and create groups to bring them together.

Organize face chats, video calls, and zoom meetings to address some issues as a community; this builds relationships among your clients.

Share blockbuster plans and strategies to them, demonstrate your expertise, and assure the hands they are dealing with.

  • Build your workflows

 File out your process, i.e., the series of activities you go through repeatedly when you approach a new client or the daily activities you undergo to build relationships with the existing clients. It will help organize your work, know when to market on media, connect with your clients for meetings, get them notified of a change in plans, and send check-in messages.

  • Video contents

 As an extra strategy for getting leads as an agent, you can make videos of yourself introducing your brand as an agent. In the video, you provide necessary pieces of information, catchy talks that will attract people to consider and send emails to do business with you. The video strategy is a unique way of advertising yourself; you can display humor as you talk, which will also attract your target audience.

●      Blogging

You can engage in blogging to get a wide range of audiences too. It is a very great decision in attracting the minds of people. It takes time and commitment, though, because sometimes people won’t buy your posts and feeds, but you have to keep on.

After you have engaged many people on your site, you can introduce your brand as an agent. Due to the former relationship, people would be happy to associate with you, and from there, you can build your base.

●      Appreciate clients

The last but not the least way of getting leads as an agent is to appreciate the little clients you have gathered. Cultivate the habit of praising them, send greeting cards, ‘thank you’ cards, and also gifts occasionally. It appeals to them and gives them the energy to introduce you to their friends, families, and associates at work. By so doing, you can expand your network also.


Generating leads is not easy and requires lots of work. However, this article has simplified the whole tiresome process in a few steps. Follow through, and you will surely get as enough leads as a successful agent should get.

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