How To Get On The First Page Of Google

Google is a powerful platform that helps to get information that is relevant for your search topic, they make your work simpler. When a user searches for a topic they always prefer to visit the website that comes on the first page of the search result, hence it is necessary to make your website come on the first page. In this blog, we have discussed, “How to get on the first page of Google” that helps to gain more information regarding that.

When your website comes on the first page of Google search results, it assured that you receive more organic traffic on the website. A SmartInsights study has shown Google position by its clickthrough rates: For the first position, you receive a 36.4% clickthrough rate, the second position gets a 12.5% clickthrough rate, third position 9.5% clickthrough rate. The clickthrough rate decreases as your position go down.

Google offers featured snippets that assign your website in a top position, position zero, this makes your website exposed by increasing the traffic and improving income. Getting the top position in Google is not an easy task, you need to make your website content quality information, it is not about more money than you invest in your website but you need to provide good quality content and satisfy users’ requirements. Google runs algorithms for all the website that is posted and with many factors, they offer the position.

Make your website have blog posts, website pages, make yourself available in Google My Business listing, offer advertisements and make them land on your website, provide snippets for the content. The factors that help to get the first position are:

1.  Identify Keywords

Make use of keywords, make your website visible when they look for certain keywords. The keyword can be a single word or a phrase, the website pages must contain a set of keywords to make the webpage exposed in the search results. When a user types a keyword in the Google search box, Google will provide a list of websites that contain relevant keyword websites.  

2.  Tell Google About Your keywords

Google will store many websites in there inventory when a user searches for a keyword Google will start scanning and list our relevant results. Another important aspect to make your website result on the front page is to make Google know about the keywords that you use for the website. The post or page that you post in the blog must contain a title, that comes above the page this helps Google to identify your page. The meta description helps Google to provide information about the blog content in simple words, hence the meta description is necessary to make Google identify your website. The URL for the website must contain domain name to identify easily, this makes your website visible for Google. The Alt tags also help to find the website by Google, the images to find the relevant search result.

3.  Focus on Location

Another factor that helps to make your website get ranked on the first page is to concentrate on location-based searches. The website must contain the exact location with city and geographic areas. Best SEO Freelancer in Chennai will help the local business to rank higher in the top SERP. When a user searches to show the business near me, then Google will look for a website that contains the location and provide search result.

4.  Mobile Optimisation

Many users not only use their desktop for doing their search, but they also use their smartphones. The websites must be optimized for mobile searches, Google will list the website that adapts all screen sizes. The website must be responsive, to deliver a seamless experience for all types of users.

5.  User Experience

The website must be user-friendly and look interesting, that increases visitors and make them come back to the website. When the website is ranked higher then you will receive more traffic for the site. Always write the blog for humans not for the sake of machine to identify you, do not incorporate keywords in the content that make them naturally available. The website must contain useful information not only Keywords.

6. Backlinks  

The backlink is an important factor that helps to receive more traffic for the website, it means that when you have high quality backlinks that the chance of getting ranked higher is more. To know how many backlinks you require for getting top position can be estimated using Ahref’s Keyword Explorer, they will forecast how much website backlink you need for entering the top 10 positions. Many tools are available to find the number of backlinks required for the website, like SERP, Ahref’s free backlink checker.

 7. Make Use of Business Listing  

The online business directory listing can also help you to get ranked on the first page of Google search. 

  • Creating a Google My Business listing profile that makes you get ranked through the location-based searching option, provide the exact business location with geographic mapping location, do regular monitorization, maintain and optimize them.
  • The Optimization of Google My Business helps to make you visible to many through Google search, provide complete details in every column. A complete business profile will receive 7 times more traffic on the website.
  • Providing a consistent name for the website, creating a trust is an important aspect to gain more visitors.
  • Always provide proper contact details to reach you immediately. When a user tries to contact you and you are not able to attend it, then customers will give a negative review.
  • Provide testimonials that help users to know about service and build trust
  • Upload Photos of the business to provide information, this also helps customers to know about your location, atmosphere, and service you offer.

Use Google listing graders that help to asses your website and help to redesign the website to make it get ranked on the first page.


In this blog we have discussed How to get on the first page of Google this helps users to get rank higher, this helps to make the website visible for many. This brings many leads through your website, gain more income and increase income. The website gains more trust when Google ranks the website higher, you can promote your website through Google ads.