How to promote websites on education

Education takes second place among the most successful fields of activity in social networks after trading. If you want to create a trendy Internet resource, you can’t do without high-quality specialists. The promotion of an educational website is tough but quite possible with the appropriate knowledge and experience. While dealing with an educational portal, keep in mind that its promotion has a number of features that you should take into consideration. Let’s find out what you should do to have your website on the first positions when students start googling, “Who can write my paper for me?”

Conceptual Design

You have already know who and what you are going to teach. The first task for you is to create a group in social networks and think about what content, apart from advertising, you might post there. Let’s start from your attitude to your potential audience, and what you should do:

1.Help those who didn’t understand some technical issues in the learning process. Explain as many times as your potential client needs.

2. Provide additional useful materials that can only be found in the group and which have not been directly included in the course price if you specialize in online courses.

3. Create a platform for communication and mutual cross-learning. It should be moderated to prevent possible negativity. 

4. Explain why you are better than competitors, attracting new customers.

Content Strategy Development

It’s better to start from rubrics by the type of content. You will need it if the group has only course-rated course data and there isn’t any other information. The content can be different:

— reputational that helps to sell and explains the differences between you and your competitors;

— communicative, helping participants to communicate with each other and with you;

— entertaining that has no serious aim and collecting a lot of “likes”;

— selling, containing direct promotional information with calling to action;

— useful, containing something important. For example, using apple vs windows devices for downloading educational courses.

— news, highlighting some important news in your teaching area.

Make a Detailed Content Plan

Your potential customers will be attracted by regularly updating content, so you should think carefully about how many posts you are going to publish every month. Use a spreadsheet or a calendar to spread your posts out. Communicative content can be set on Monday or before weekends, depending on the activity of your audience. Feel free to use professional services to look for successful topics for content marketing posts. For example, informative posts that will arouse the reader’s’ attention and draw attention to your website.

Hire Creative Copywriters

As you may have guessed, one of the primary points in the website promotion is providing it with relevant and interesting information. Despite being multitasking, you won’t be able to write all the posts mentioned above by yourself. That’s why you should hire a passionate copywriter who has the talent to convince by writing appropriate words. Your ideal copywriter can explain why your courses are better than others, what it’s better to pick up mac vs pc to take online classes, and what’s new in the educational world.

Engage Designers and SEO-specialists

It’s crucial to have not only creative content but also unique pictures to achieve high positions in research results. Google likes unique illustrations as well as built-in video and animation. Therefore, a student looking for “Where to find specialists to do my homework?” might be caught by a vivid picture and switch to your website. Images, videos, and animation offer some additional information and increase behavioral factors, keeping visitors on the page extra time. Take into consideration the standard measurement of the role of the images for SEO-promotion — all of them can be provided with relevant tags Alt and Title, optimized for your needs.

Ways to Present Educational Training Materials

If you offer online courses, holding a webinar is the best way to sell them. Talking to your students on the air is an effective way to convey useful knowledge. That’s why subscribers love it. A few days before a webinar, make an announcement. Ask people to subscribe to the newsletter, through which you will then send a notification. Then, make notification one day before and in the morning on the webinar day. Useful material can be presented in a text. Add a picture and the link to it to make it easier to read from windows vs mac gadgets or mobile devices. Your post is ready.

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