How to read someone’s WhatsApp messages without their knowledge

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Is it possible to spy on another person’s WhatsApp and find out who they are talking to and what they are writing?

If you are jealous or too curious, you probably want to look into your partner’s or “special” friend’s phone at least once to see who loses more time in Whatsapp chats and with whom you exchange photos and messages more. And maybe you haven’t done it just because you haven’t found a quick and easy (or free ) way to do it.

There are actually several ways to how to hack whatsapp without access to target phone for free. This possibility, however, brings to the fore a question that should worry everyone, even spies: Whatsapp, despite end-to-end encryption, is less secure than you think? If Whatsapp really can be monitored, it means that anyone can fall prey to hackers and spies who can use spyware applications or wireless tapping to spy on us.

The good news is that there is an easy way to protect yourself and make your WhatsApp photos and messages inaccessible, and we will tell you about that too.

Before we see the procedure that allows you to “spy” on WhatsApp conversations, we emphasize that spying on your partner, friend or anyone is actually a crime, as well as an improper gesture that can seriously compromise a relationship.

With a guide on how to spy on WhatsApp chats, we do not in any way want to encourage you to resort to insidious tricks, but only inform you that there is a way, even more than one, to check your WhatsApp profile, access your conversations and know who spends more all the time in the chat.

And if it’s true that “if you know your enemy, you’ll know how to defeat him”, knowing whether you can spy on another person’s WhatsApp profile and how to do so can be helpful in better protecting your privacy.

How to spy on WhatsApp

To begin with, Whatsapp gives you the ability to easily check your partner’s profile and find out if he or she is cheating on you, without the need to download dangerous apps or expensive and professional programs.

Of course, there are several ways to bypass the privacy of WhatsApp contacts and spy on conversations with the help of spy apps, software and social engineering techniques, but we don’t want to tell you about that. Instead, we explain how to spy on your WhatsApp profile using only Whatsapp itself.

The easiest and most intuitive method for those who want to spy on Whatsapp chats is as old as the world, and you do not need to be evil geniuses to figure it out: just take the phone, left unattended, while you sleep or shower, open Whatsapp and read. conversations; put the phone back and that’s it. This system, however, in addition to being trivial, is also useless if the smartphone is protected by Pin or lock with Touch ID or Face ID.

How to spy on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Web

Perhaps not everyone knows, but with WhatsApp Web you can read other people’s conversations secretly, remotely.

WhatsApp Web is a browser-based version of the messaging app that can be accessed from both your cell phone and computer. It’s a convenient way to use WhatsApp when, for example, the app is not working or we can’t communicate from our smartphone.

To spy on WhatsApp with Wapp Web:

–  Open Google Chrome from your smartphone or PC.

–  Go to

–  Scan the QR code that appears on the screen

–  Grab the smartphone of the person you are going to spy on

–  Open WhatsApp and check the “WebWhatsapp” box.

–  When you open the camera, place it on the QR code and scan the code, remembering to leave the “Stay connected” checkbox so you don’t have to repeat the process a second time.

How to protect yourself from those who spy on WhatsApp

To find out if our Whatsapp profile is being tracked by another person’s computer, simply open the app on your smartphone and click on the Whatsapp menu under “Whatsapp Web”. If you see a screen that says “Currently active” and other information about the device from which you are connected, you are sure that someone else is reading (in real-time) our conversations.

Then you will need to select in the Whatsapp web menu > Disconnect all computers. If a person has done this, all computers connected to the account targeted by the “spies” will be disconnected and the QR code will have to be scanned again.

To avoid all the problems and inconveniences associated with the above methods, use licensed spyware applications for cell phones and remember not to underestimate WhatsApp’s security measures.

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