How To Remove Star Icon From Notification Bar In Android Phones

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Are you an Android user? if you’re running android lollipop operating then you have noticed a star icon that shows on the notification bar of your phone on the top right side. Like you, most of the users don’t know what is star icon is and how to remove Star Icon From Notification Bar In Android Phones then here is the guide to check it out.  

The Star is one of the new features. If the star icon in the notification bar of your android phone means the “interrupt mode” is activated. There are many inbuild features of the android lollipop operating system. If a star icon shows in the notification bar, the phone will not ring even if it is set to default or general mode. You can enable or disabled these features manually if you don’t want the star icon to show on the notification bar of your smartphone. This new “Priority” setting is activated with “Interruptions Mode.”

How to Disable star Icon or symbol on Android Lollipop

Most people have an issue regarding Interruptions Mode features on their smartphones, for that reason, we have shown you how to deactivate or hide the star icon.

1.Open your “Android Phone“.

2. After go to the homepage and click the “Settings“ icon

3. Go to the “Sound and Notification” option.

4. Click on “Interruptions“.

5. Now, Click ” When calls and notification Arrive

6. You can activate and deactivate the Interruptions mode on the screen. So lets to deactivate, then select “always interrupt”.

7. After the star icon will be hidden and the “Interrupt Mode” will be disabled on the phone.

Alternatively using Volume Button

If you pressing a volume button will allow you to select different notifications between no notifications, all notifications, and priority notifications, which can be changed by pressing a volume button.

To turn to interrupt mode off quickly, press once on the volume button and then select from

  • None
  • Priority
  • All

Click on “All“. Finished

The star icon is now hidden and the interrupt mode is disabled in Android lollipop.

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