How to Remove the Hard Drive of a Dell Laptop

Whatever reason like updating or removing your drive with a new one, you need to remove the Hard Drive of a Dell Laptop. Here are the easy steps How to Remove the Hard Drive of a Dell Laptop.

What is Hard Drive?

Hard Drive is one of the hardware components in a computer system where you can store all your information like files, pictures, videos, audio, and other content. In another word, Hard Drive is the heart of the computer that your computer running.

  • Keep in mind before installation or removal of any hardware always make sure that all data is backed up properly.
  • Disconnect your computer from any internet, USB cable, power outlets and all attached devices.

Step 1

First shut down the laptop and remove all cables. keep the laptop upside down and Turing the front of the computer facing toward you.

Step 2

Find the hard drive that is located to the LCD clasping end on the right side of the upside-down laptop. Remove the retaining screw holding the drive-in.

If you don’t know how to remove Stripped Screw from a Dell Laptop then here the Technique

Step 3

After, pull out the drive using your thumb and fingers to grasp the grooved lines on the hard drive bracket cover.

Step 4

Handle the drive carefully. If possible, place the hard drive in a static-free bag when storing or sending it in for repair.

Step 5

Using the above reverse steps to reinstall a hard drive in your Dell laptop, If you want to upgrade another drive, you will need to remove the drive bracket from your old drive and with a new drive install it again.

In this safe way, you can remove the Hard Drive of a Dell Laptop if you’re still facing the problem then contact Dell Support they will help you.

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