How to Type the Cent Symbol on Your Computer

When writing about U.S. currencies, the cent symbol (¢) is used to refer to a certain number of cents, typically when dealing with sums below $1. On most computers running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS you can type a cent button, and on Android and iOS smartphones you can find the symbol on keyboards. If anything else fails, you can scan and copy the cent symbol online, and paste it into y

Type the Cent (¢) symbol in shortcut key below

Ctrl + /+ C

Hold down the Ctrl key with  /  then press C.

Although the cent symbol looks like different and its depending on the font. The cent represented by the cent sign c crossed by a diagonal stroke at top/bottom only, a vertical line or a simple c, slanted line or might a double line.

The cent sign is a widely used word cents symbol, usually used for sums greater than $1 in price listings and ads. For example, as 42 cents as well as 42¢ can be written. It is often used in other currencies by other cent-like units, including the Mexican centavos.

Writing a value in cents using the cent symbol also looks better rather than doing a cents-to-dollars conversion with a leading zero dollar number. The problem is that the cent symbol is not present on most keyboards, so by pressing a labelled key on a keyboard, it can not be typed directly.

However, it is part of Unicode, the international standard used to display text on computers , mobile phones and other digital devices. That means most modern machines would be able to display a cent symbol, and there are ways to digitally enter it.

On Windows

There are some shortcuts for entering the degree character in any application in Windows but they use a numeric keypad, not the number row above the letters. In most programmes on Microsoft Windows, you can type a cent sign using the Alt code for the cents symbol, which is a numeric code you type while holding down the Alt key on your keyboard.

For this symbol is 0162 , so hold down the Alt key and select 0162 to enter a cent message or you can use the Alt key and 00A2. If you’re new and don’t know how to type cent symbol or Alt code for a cent sign or any other symbol then you can access it using the Windows Character Map utility.

Follow the steps

  1. Go to the start button on your computer
  2. Type in search box Character Map click on it
  3. Search by scrolling through the list of characters or typing cent into the search box. Use the tools given to copy the character into the clipboard of your machine, and then paste it into a different programme.

Even though you can also search for any symbol that you want on search engine such as Google or Bing, and copy and paste it from the web results.

On Apple macOS

You can use a keyboard shortcut to type a cent sign into Apple macOS. Keep down on your keyboard the Choice key, and press number 4. The key also has the dollar sign ( $ ) on it, which can make it easier to remember that it’s U.S. currency related.

On a Mac

Here the shortcut to open the Character Viewer Command + Control + Spacebar.

If you don’t know a keyboard shortcut then use Apple’s built-in Character Viewer to insert characters in general. Pop it up by holding down the control and volume keys and pressing the space bar where the symbol is to be inserted.

Find the symbol that you want using the search box through the menu, or scroll through the list. Tap the icon that you want to insert into the programme that you are using. If you wish to reuse a symbol, reopen or copy the Character Viewer, and paste it.

On Smart Phones

If you’re using android phones or iOS devices then most smart phone keyboards allow you to access a cent sign. To access other currency symbols like the cent sign, press and hold the $ icon on the virtual keyboard on iOS and Android devices. Tap the Cent sign or other symbol of the currency you need.

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