How to Update the Photo Viewer

Photo Viewer is a software from Microsoft that comes with Microsoft Windows free of charge. If you are running Windows 7, 8, or 8.1, this is the default application on the operating system for displaying images.

You can use the Windows update tool to check for any latest Windows photo Viewer update. Photo Viewer has been largely replaced by a tool named Microsoft Images in Windows 10, but you can still use Photo Viewer if you wish.

Windows Photo Viewer comes with versions 7 and up of Microsoft Windows, but over time, Microsoft can implement updates to the software. If you want to see if you can install a photo Viewer update, you can check for one using the Windows Update tool.

1.Click the Windows key on the keyboard, then in the search box, type ‘Update’ and press the Enter key.

2.Click the Windows Update button, and then click Check for Updates.

3.If a Photo Viewer icon appears after Windows has finished checking for updates, check the next checkbox.

4.After, click “Install Updates” to install the updates to Photo Viewer..

5.If you’re asked to restart your computer, before save your work and close any open programs, then click “Restart.”

The Photo Viewer update should be available for use once your machine restarts itself.

Microsoft Photos and Photo Viewer for Windows 10

Recently Windows 10 replaced with new app called Microsoft Photos. If you’re using an older version of Windows then you can find the most recent edition of Microsoft Photos for free in the Microsoft Windows online shop.

You can continue using the Picture Viewer on Windows 10. If you’ve built Windows 10 on top of a previous update, this is easier to do.

In that case, using the Windows 10 Settings menu, you can set it as your default photo programme.

1.Click the “Start Menu” button, and in the search box, type “Settings,” then click the “Settings” icon.

2. Press “System” in the “Settings” menu and then click “Default Apps.”

3. Pick the “Windows Photo Viewer” programme under “Photo Viewer” and exit the menu. In the future, images will open using the Windows Photo Viewer.

If you’re using a Windows 10 device, you’ll need to update the Windows Registry, an operating system settings folder, to enable the Photo Viewer. To do this, you will find files online, but make sure you trust the source of any changes to the registry you make because they can damage your computer.

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