How to use Grammarly Plagiarism Checker?

Grammarly is an online grammar and spelling checker which acts as a safety net against typos and mistakes. When you are working on your project, it is vital to take good notes and keep track of your various sources. You do not want to see duplicate contents on your notes which can impact badly your project for sure. In this type of situation, Grammarly Plagiarism checker can help you in removing all those duplicate contents. It helps in catching paragraphs and sentences which require a citation. 

Plagiarism checker is a fast plagiarism checking tool available only in the Grammarly paid plan. You need to pay for using this great feature for your content. Grammarly free trial even offers a free online plagiarism checker but it will show only instant reports with details of grammar, plagiarism, and several writing mistakes found in your article. However, to remove and correct these issues, you should subscribe to a premium plan. You can use many helpful features of Grammarly by going for the premium version of it. 

Use Plagiarism Checker on Grammarly Browser Interface

If you want to scan your written essay or article on the Grammarly browser interface, then it will be vital for you to log in to your Grammarly account first. The first thing you should do is to upload your document or copy-pastes your document. For uploading the content, you should click on “Upload” and choose the paper you want to check for plagiarism on your laptop. You can also click on “New “and then copy-paste your content on the Grammarly page. 

After uploading content, Grammarly will check your content deeply and will spot several issues related to writing style, sentence structure, overused words, language, plagiarism, and many more. It gives you the total score of your content and provides a complete report for download. For checking plagiarism, you can click the Plagiarism button on the right-hand corner. It will help you in seeing only the plagiarism results which will highlight the plagiarized parts. You can click on the highlighted text to check details so that you would be able to know where the text was copied from. 

Use Plagiarism Checker on Grammarly for MS Office

It is also possible to check your article for plagiarism from the MS Word. This is a simple method and it will take only a few seconds. You just have to copy-paste or upload your content. Make sure you are installing the Grammarly plugin for MS word installed. 

After pasting your content on MS Word, you should select the Enable Grammarly button to find out the plagiarism part. Grammarly’s plagiarism checker will check your text to show you all the plagiarism parts easily. 

The best thing about this plagiarism checker is that when you are paraphrasing the sentences, it will run plagiarism automatically so that you would come to know about the copied contents instantly. The process is faster and smoother and you are going to appreciate its interface for sure. 

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