How to Write Review Reminder Emails: Email Reminder Templates

Review reminder emails are automatic emails sent to your product buyers after a specified period of time.

Under limited time or human resources, reminder emails serve as a tried and tested alternative to collecting customer feedback successfully. They help automate this critical for any brand process and send such emails following specific triggers or complex rules and conditions.

Having the right technology stack in place – such as the reminder product suite from Mageworx for Magento 2 – is half the battle. You’ll need to fumble for the right words to attract the attention of your email receivers and talk them into clicking the CTA button.

Let’s dive right into the details.

How Do You Write a Gentle Review Reminder Email

When interacting with your consumers, there should be no pressure. You should make sure to stick to the gentle tone of voice in your email’s content. Emails should be brief and straight-to-the-point. Providing options would also help make reminder emails better accessible.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when designing your review reminder emails:

  • Subject line is the king

Often, the fewer words you can use, the harder for the content writer. Such emails’ subject lines must be selected wisely and tested continuously.

Review reminder subject lines must be concise and enough to encourage the recipient to open the email.

Consider the following examples:

  • Did you like {product name}?
  • Review and earn $X in points
  • Review and win
  • Tell us what you think!
  • How did we do?
  • Personalization still matters

Treat every buyer as the dearest friend. Address them by name. Share relevant details about their orders.

Gone are the days when mass marketing worked. There are so many brands your shoppers could switch to. Make your company memorable by demonstrating truly personalized and relevant experiences.

  • Stay concise

People receive hundreds of emails daily, and a sender should consider themselves lucky if a person takes the time to read across the content of an email.

Keeping review reminder emails brief will not also help deliver the message but ensure its content goes hand in hand with the subject line. No frills.

  • Avoid typos and mistakes

This must be a matter-of-course point as there are so many means to make sure your content is well-written and does not have errors today. Sending content with mistakes is likely to trigger abandonment and a poisoned brand’s reputation.

  • One CTA is enough

Don’t try to include as many details as possible in your review reminder emails. No matter how many great offerings you have, make sure your shoppers do not get distracted from the main goal – leaving a review.

To ensure that, include one CTA only. Make it clear what action you ask the email recipient to perform.

The following CTA buttons will work here the best:

  • Write a review
  • Review and win
  • Share feedback
  • Review now

3 Email Review Reminder Templates

While such emails’ content depends on what marketing strategy they will follow, here’re three templates to get you inspired and going forward.

[Don’t forget to add a CTA button to these templates!]

Templates #1


Tell us what you think


Hi {Customent name},

We’d much appreciate it if you shared how your purchases look and feel. Your feedback helps us understand how we are doing, and it only takes a few seconds.

Thank you for shopping with us!


{Company name}

Templates #2


Review and get a 10% discount


Dear {Customent name},

We wanted to check in and see what your experience was like with your latest purchase.

If you take a moment, it’d be great if you could share your thoughts with other shoppers and us.

As a way to thank you, you’ll get a 10% coupon code to your inbox after leaving a review.

Thank you for shopping with {Company name}!

Best regards,

{Employee name} {Position} at {Company name}

Templates #3


How was it?


Hi {Customent name},

We truly appreciate every customer’s opinion and time. And we’d love to hear all about your experience with {Company name}!

How was it?

Thank you,

{Company name} Team


Sending review reminder emails is an effective means of getting feedback from your customers on how your business is doing and showing how you value your shoppers’ opinions about your brand and offerings.

Making sure such emails are not too pushy and well-structured will help generate more value, set your company apart from the competition, and improve customer loyalty and even SEO.

We hope the insights shared in this article have managed to provide useful insights on how review reminder emails can be used.

Test the reminder messages provided above and choose a template that resonates with your customer base the best!

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