How Website Design Came into Being

Since the introduction of the internet, several IT sections have built and managed their websites because of how hard programming was hard back then. However, thanks to technological advancements, web design is now a unit that has grown and is still growing. You can also get a help with an assignment related to programming using to receive further instructions and great support from the professionals. Businesses have grown, thanks to the fantastic web designs. Today, many web designers focus on the user interface, the loading speed, and SEO. Today we celebrate how businesses have grown due to the best website designs. But then, ever imagined the journey it took to reach this point today? Let us look at the beautiful journey of web design.

  • The Year 1991

The web design journey began in 1991 when CERN’s first website was developed, and it went live in 1992.  The first text-based website was posted in 1991, August 6th. By then, the default color was blue hyper. The structures were added through the use of the power of the tables. However, the major challenge was that the systems were hard to maintain.

  • Launching – 1993

Two years after the World Wide Web launch, there came ALIWEB, the first search engine. ALIWEB enabled users’ access to vital information relating to the searches. Here, some links directed users to the required information.

  • The first landing page- 1994

At this point, many websites had traffic, making the onset of ads. It is Wired that created the first banner ad for their site.  As the web design started taking shape, top designers started implementing JavaScript, which helped in areas where HTML could not accomplish. Until today, JavaScript is known to be the best in front-end development.

  • Google Beta- 1998

At this point, the internet had already taken shape, and Google Beta was introduced in 1998, September 4th.

  • The Online Economy- 2000

It is in 2000 that the businesses were uplifted to the next level. The leading online transaction company, PayPal, became stable. This means that many businesses started taking place on online platforms since web design was the day’s trend.

  • Blogging-2003

IT experts used to handle web design issues until 2000. However, the tune changed in 2003 when the top content management system, WordPress, was formed. WordPress has made blogging easy.

  • Your Space-2004

At this point, users could create their profiles and connect with other users who are already on online platforms, thanks to MySpace. The best part is that users could personalize their profiles as they wished with HTML editors’ help.

  • Facebook and mobile revolution-2006-2009

Then Facebook was formed, a platform where users interacted easily through their profiles. Since Facebook was easy to use, it has attracted billions of users across the world. There have been different mobile devices and designers using the best web design to make work easier for users. 

  • Inbound marketing and growth-driven design 2014-2015

Now that many businesses were taking place on online platforms, web designers had to develop ways to make social interactions possible and easy. The web designs were made interactive so that business persons could engage potential customers easily through lead generation.


Every beautiful thing has progressed. The same applies to website design. It started from one point where technology was a bit low up to the latest web designs. More features have been introduced to web designs, and businesses have taken a whole new level worldwide.

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