I am still confused which internet connection should I buy

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If you are confused about which internet connection you need, here is a guide that will narrow down some of the features to look at while considering an internet connection. 

There are many factors to consider when deciding on what internet connection to buy, for instance, the budget. For some users, they must be able to afford an internet connection. Xfinity internet deals have been presented in such a way that for a price, they offer internet services with certain data transmission speeds. The basic internet deal is the cheapest one you will come across in their plans with the slowest internet speeds. If you think you are looking for higher internet bandwidth, you will need to sign up for the one that is a bit pricey.


Internet speed is another factor to look at when deciding on which network connection would be suitable for your home or office environment. The speed of the internet connection is usually measured in megabits per second or Mbps. The higher Mbps you are getting, the faster your internet is.

The internet speed is categorized into downloading speed and uploading speed. Downloading speed is how long it takes data to be transmitted to your computer. If you have a higher downloading speed, you can utilize more content or data, and vice versa. Downloading speed usually works for streaming TV, or movies, downloading files, or simply browsing social media. For high-definition movie streaming, you need a faster downloading speed. On the other hand, uploading speed is used in content that needs a participatory action from your end, like playing online games, video calls, live streaming, uploading photos, etc. 

Generally downloading speed is higher than the uploading speed in most internet plans, since most of our internet activities require streaming, downloading, and browsing which doesn’t require much uploading speed from our end. But if your activities include having faster upload speeds, like being a serious gamer or a businessman needing day-to-day video conferencing, you must consider having an internet plan with higher bandwidth for upload speed. The Internet service provider usually has higher upload speeds in their upper or premium packages.

Wired or wireless connectivity

A wireless connection sends wireless internet signals to devices and no cables are needed. Whereas with a wired connection, devices need to connect to physical cables to get a network connection. A wireless connection allows for mobility to devices to be able to move around freely but you can’t do the same with your device attached to a physical cable. A wired connection has a much faster speed than the wireless one because there is only a direct connection from the modem to your device. But with wireless internet, there are many obstacles in the way like walls, distance, weather interference, other wireless signals, etc. which disrupt the speed of the internet connection. It also makes it a less secure connection, since your internet connection and whatever you do can be easily intercepted. Since physical cables are only attached to the modem and your device, data transmission cannot be assessed by other sources. 

However, both wired and wireless connectivity is preferred by internet users. For gaming, a wired connection will be better since there is less latency and smooth connection, whereas for streaming movies and browsing social media, a wireless connection would do the job. You can have both or one of the types of internet connections, depending on your browsing needs. 


This is also the deciding factor for internet users in rural, urban or suburban areas. Since phone lines are known to be found almost everywhere, internet users in rural or remote areas have a DSL connection to choose from. Otherwise, they can also pick a satellite internet connection, which has the same data transmission speed as that of a DSL connection and is much pricier, but it is also known to be a reliable connection. Fiber internet connection is mostly found in urban areas, but not in remote areas since its infrastructure is extremely costly. If you are living in an urban area and need a high-speed connection, chances are that you will find fiber internet in your market. You will also be able to find a cable internet connection in urban areas if you want to go for a much cheaper option. Fiber internet connection is ideal for home consumers but it is rare in a suburban location. Cable internet would be an ideal option for these residents. Hence, keeping in mind your location, you will come across various or limited options for an internet connection and you will have to make do with them.

Local ISP

It is easier to go with a local internet service provider simply because they are easier to reach out to in terms of any kind of support and installation. For instance, if you have run into network trouble, the local ISP will send a man within an hour to your home and fix the issue for you. However, if you are buying from an ISP that is not local, these ISPs will not be able to provide quick service to you because you belong to an outlying area. They do not have the people and resources to manage that, and it will take days or weeks for someone to turn up at your house and fix the issue. 


While browsing for an internet connection, it is important to get acquainted with terminologies and features that you will be making use of in your home and business with that kind of connection. Do research, reach out to ISPs and you will definitely find an internet connection plan according to your requirement. 

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