Free Image Submission Sites List 2020

Are you looking for high quality image submission sites or photo-sharing sites in India? if so then you’re in right place here we’ll share with you some free image submission sites before we’ll talk about what is Image submission? go ahead for an answer.

What is Image Submission?

Image submission sites are used to store photographs of your files online. These websites allow some services such as privately and publicly uploading, sharing and managing images.

Most people like images than reading any text so you need to upload informative images that are attracted to users. You can upload GIF, PNG and JPEG image file format. The images are vibrant and colorful and tend to increase the number of viewers leading to high business promotion.

Using Image Sharing Websites, you can promote your Website. You will get more traffic to your website by publishing informative images through sharing websites of these images. Nearly all subscriptions to the Image Sharing Website are cost-free.

Free Image Submission Sites / photo sharing sites

Benefits of Image Sharing Sites For SEO

Image submission is one of the most effective off-page SEO strategies for building high-level backlinks and rising organic traffic to your web pages by 2020. If you’re a digital marketer or SEO folk, image submission sites will easily help you increase both your backlink graph and organic traffic.

Adding content brief to the ‘alt attribute’ of the image helps to index the parent website link inside the SERP in search engines.

Photos provide a great user experience for the websites. There is space for improving the overall aesthetics by adding pictures.

To move seamlessly through a website, use the images for internal links. SEO image sharing sites and image submission sites are a common off-page method to benefit from traffic and link collection from high-domain authority sites.

some other benefits

1.High Authority Backlinks.

2. It is an easy way to promote your website with less effort and boost traffic to your sites.

3. submitting images on High authority Submission Sites then there are get more chances to high traffic on your website.

4. Great Link Building strategies.

5. When you upload images use the “alt attribute” of the image that help in a search engine to index the link SERP.

Top 5 Popular Free image submission sites

  1. Facebook
  2. Pinterest
  3. Google+
  4. Tumblr
  5. Instagram

Why Choose Image Sharing Sites?

There are several reasons you have to choose Image submission sites like free image sharing allow a user to upload or host high-quality and royalty-free image content in their directory. These sites are used by most webmasters and SEO folks to create quality backlinks pointing to their web pages. with the help of sites, You will increase the traffic to your website, High Da Backlinks can create even though will create an audience.

You will create an audience.
You should bring your talent on display.
High DA backlinks can be made.
You will increase the traffic to your website.

Importance of Alt Text In Image Submission

  • For an effective upload use alt text on the images.
  • Give sitemaps as compulsory information on used images.
  • Update information on the picture to current sitemaps periodically.

How to submit Image on Image sharing websites.


1.For Example, If you want to share images on Pinterest then you must have to create account on pinterest. You can see above screenshot

2. To create pin click on the plus sign(+) right top corner.

3. After upload image, Title, Description and add your description link.

4. Click on Publish .

Other Submission sites

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