Is call tracking bad for seo

In simple words, most business owners want high returns on investment, which is why they are looking for creative ways to expand their wings. Beginning from the marketing efforts to advertising techniques, they leave no stone unturned to make sure that the product or services come across the right audience. However, one of the easiest ways any business can have a bigger perspective on their ROI is through call tracking. However, before we dig deep into the crux of this discussion, it is essential to introduce the concept of call tracking.

What is Call Tracking?

You must know, call tracking is a process of finding out about the connection between clients and your business. For example, if you want to know how a particular customer found your business, call tracking will help you out. However, in recent years, call tracking has been criticized because it can have a strong negative influence on SEO. So if you sift through the web and try to draw a connection between call tracking and SEO, you will come across the million-dollar statements, which questions the narrative of whether call tracking is beneficial for SEO or not.

So in this feature, we will provide you an answer to this confusion.

There are several reasons why call tracking can be harmful to your SEO. Especially if your business is being run on local SEO, it will take a negative influence of call tracking. So your local search engine rankings will receive backlash if call tracking is run on the clients. When you decide to settle for the local SEO, it will confuse Google Algorithms. So when Google tends to walk through the same numbers frequently, it looks at them as red flags.

So if you decide to use the call tracking facility, it will negatively affect the local SEO. So it is best if you can keep away from using directory listings. Search for more information from Callscaler if you are not sure about the veracity of this concept. Another way to ensure that the call tracking is not affecting your local SEO is to use the DNI. The dynamic number insertion is a unique phone number display that is based on a keyword. The most coherent benefit of using the DNI is, it is hardcoded and dissent changes at all. This way, you will rest assured that the current numbers will not be pushed in the local directory.

Call tracking has proved that it will always have a negative relation with search engine optimization, which is why companies are looking for other ways to collect valuable information from the customers. More than call tracking, companies run online surveys and questionnaires where customers are directly approached to tell how they came across a company. So the next time you plan to collect any information from the customers, try to keep away from call tracking as it might hurt your previous SEO efforts. Call tracking has a set of benefits too but it doesn’t works In coherence with the SEO rankings.

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