CompTIA Network+ Certification – Is It What You Need for Your Next IT Job? Take Practice Tests to Earn It Easily!

There’s a puzzle about IT specialists who rise to the top. While it is clear that the IT industry is one of the biggest employers over the years, it’s also true that it is one of the most complicated fields. New trends are witnessed daily, a specific example being the recent shift to cloud and automation tools. So, what is the secret that you should know to overcome all the difficulties and achieve visible results?

The truth is that successful IT pros have one thing in common — the desire to advance their skills to get recognized for their achievements.

In this post, you’ll know more about how you can improve your professional sphere of life by attaining the vendor-neutral Exam-Labs . Is it the most valuable entry-level networking badge? Let’s find out and start with a general overview of the options available!

Top 3 Networking Credentials

Networking is a critical aspect of modern IT infrastructure. But the biggest question is, which are the best networking certifications for aspiring professionals looking to join this IT area? Which top credentials will assist you in building an industrious career in the long run? Here are our 3 best selections to help you get started.

  • CompTIA Network+

For any newbie looking to demonstrate their basic networking knowledge, this is the best certification to go after. CompTIA Network+ covers networking fundamentals, terminologies, and best practices. It focuses on 5 primary objectives including the following;

Obtaining this CompTIA credential shows that an entry-level IT technician can install various devices, troubleshoot basic networking problems, and design and implement networks.

This badge is the best starting point for many junior IT positions such as help desk technicians, network support specialists, and junior network engineers to mention just a few. Even so, it also suits professionals from different domains including information system consultants, computer technicians, and system engineers.

  • Cisco CCNA Certification

Perhaps you’ve heard about Cisco credentials. The Exam-Labs – CompTIA Network+ Certification Practice Test badge is the first one you can opt to start a career in networking. It will equip you with the foundational knowledge and skills to work with modern networking technologies. Thus, you’ll be proficient in working with network access, network and security fundamentals, IP connectivity & services. In addition, you’ll be able to complete tasks related to automation and programmability.

Earning the above mentioned Exam-Labs – CompTIA Security+ Certification Practice Test badge demonstrates a strong understanding and knowledge of the Cisco networking products and solutions. If you are looking for the associate-level training to verify your skills, don’t hesitate to apply for this credential.

  • SolarWinds Certified Professional

SolarWinds might not be a household name in the modern IT industry but the value offered by their networking tools cannot be ignored.

SolarWinds provides a variety of products that are commonly used by enterprises of different sizes. Their professional badge, for instance, validates IT specialists who are ready to work with SolarWinds’ networking solutions. If these technologies are an important part of your company’s day-to-day operations, then going after this credential makes absolute sense.

So, having looked at the 3 most popular networking badges, let’s go back to the one that presents the most comprehensive information — CompTIA Network+. What is it? Is it worth it? Let’s find out below.

How do You Become CompTIA Network+ Accredited?

You will qualify for your CompTIA Network+ by taking and passing one exam, N10-007 which contains performance-based and multiple-choice questions.

Also, you should keep abreast of most of the baseline networking concepts which you can build from the entry-level A+ credential. However, this is not a requisite for taking the Network+ test but just a recommendation by CompTIA Exam-Labs – CompTIA Certification Practice Test as well as a nine-month experience in IT networking.

Which Roles Become Available for You with This Badge?

CompTIA Network+ equips learners with vital skills to position themselves for lots of technical jobs. These are a few of them:

  • Network Analyst and Network Administrator
  • System Engineer and Helpdesk Technician
  • Network Field Engineer and IT Consultant

How Should You Study for N10-007 Assessment?

Here are some useful tips to adopt when preparing for your CompTIA Network+ exam:

  • Understand what you should know

Every certification test covers specific concepts every student should know, and N10-007 is no exception. The perfect starting point on your way to attaining credential is to get the CompTIA Network+ study guide from the official website and use it to sharpen your skills before you face the exam.

  • Get self-study materials from CompTIA

The vendor readily offers different resources for an effective self-study learning approach. They include theoretical information as well as an environment for practice thus providing you with the skills needed to build a career as a reliable network administrator by grasping all the concepts on the exam curriculum Click Here .

  • Take practice tests

Taking practice tests gives you a better look at your networking competence. You will never identify the knowledge gaps if you don’t assess yourself with sample questions. For the best practice test providers, we recommend ExamSnap, Exam-Labs, PrepAway, and ExamCollection.

How Will You Register for Your CompTIA Network+ Exam?

All CompTIA certification assessments are administered through Pearson VUE in a secure testing environment.So, you can schedule your exam through this website or locate a nearby center to find out if you can take the test from a physical location. Keep in mind that CompTIA also offers vouchers and training bundles that you can buy from their store and use to sign up for the exam.

The Bottom Line

Competent IT professionals apply their skills in organizations willing to offer the right platform to do so. Thus, the next time you are aiming for a new job role, consider the companies that embrace new technologies and a desire for change which is key to eventual success with modern networking concepts. The CompTIA Network+ certification will help you create a unique path with a specific focus on the change agenda. Don’t delay gaining your dream career, enroll in the preparation process, train with practice tests, and get certified soon!

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