10 Litanswers Alternatives | Get Free Answers form Chegg 2022

LitAnswers Alternatives

Looking for study materials? Are litanswers not working for you? then you’re land on the right page here we the list of similar sites for Litanswers that are actually work in 2022. There are many websites available on the internet that can be replaced with litanswers like “Textsheet“, “Slader“, “Studylib“.

Litanswers is one of the greatest ways to get free answers for Chegg questions. Millions of students used this website to solve their papers, homework, projects, assignments and other queries. You can ask any questions simply at Lit Answers and will get back an instant response to your question. Like you, most people want to know about Litanswer’s official website. The original website litanswers.org is no more and now stopped for the students.

Why did Litanswers shut down?

Lit answers, (www.litanswers.org) was the most infamous website founded in 2019. Unfortunately, Lit answers were shut down due to the copyright content. The litanswers provided the content to get free Chegg answers. The DMCA’s infringement of copyright was confirmed by Chegg and to take down the litanswers.org website. You can now notice that the site no longer offers free replies. Litanswers is available at litanswers.org.


The litanswers.org was taken offline. It was sad news for many students that were regularly used litanswers. The major online educational portals have been stopped unexpectedly. Moreover, it has good news for other educational platforms because the shutdown of litanswers most of the websites are growing up day by day. Here a list of LitAnswers alternatives websites you can choose any of these sites to get free solutions.  

LitAnswers alternatives


Slader is the stand-alone platform popular among US students accessing millions of verified tutoring solutions and contents of Q&A that cover all subjects. It provides homework and answers to all students. You may also ask other students for help in answering their queries using the platform. It can help you learn by providing step-by-step textbook solutions written by experts.

It provides answer keys based on the U.S. syllabus. Its expanded database makes it available to students around the world. You can easily find out questions and answer with step-by-step and full clarifications through thousands of textbooks for different topics here.

All high school textbook solutions, as well as the question and answer function, are free for all students who use Slader. It offers homework solutions for a wide range of topics that include but not limited to mathematics, science, law, finance, biology, physics, arts, commerce, etc. The quality of content is constantly improved day by day and college-level solutions offerings are extended to support students in the best possible way.

The site is daily uploads thousands of quality content for school as well as college students also.

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2) School Solver

School Solver is an education marketplace where students can get help with their homework, projects, and answers. Students can post one-off questions or complete courses to be offered Full with tutors. You can ask any question to their experts you will get a quick response from them. School Solver is another best Litanswers alternatives for school and college students.

It provides the school homework solutions, assignments, essay writing solutions and more. Tutors can end up making $500 for a single answer. There are lots of tutors with course hero and Chegg accounts. If you ever wanted a fast Chegg response or a course hero to activate, a school solver is a way to get there.

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3) Studypool

Studypool is an online platform that helps students with their homeworks and solved their queries. Although if any student getting stuck on tough topics, studypool make it easy for students their studies. The website provides the contents of Q&A that cover all subjects. The live learning platform combines video chat, interactive tools, and collaborative workspaces to create a rich, enjoyable one-on-one experience with the perfect teacher for you. Studypool provides you with instant access to thousands of verified tutors that can assist you with any question.

Here you will get all subjects like business, Humanities, Mathematics, Programming, Science, Economics, Economics and so on. You can ask questions to the expert teacher that are available anytime. Studypool solves all problems and keeps the learning flowing. It provides the best writing services and assures that students receive only original papers. The site provides 24/7 help with both expert professional tutors and moderators to assist clients/ students.

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4) StudyLib

Studylib is a free website to learn more easily and provides a wide variety of solved problems and homework solutions. You can download solved assignments as documents that you want. There is no restriction to access the website. Apart from you can create your own flashcards with custom images and audio with just one click. Studylib is a cool and attractive interface that everyone accesses easily.

This website has different subject solutions including mathematics, science, business, arts and humanities, engineering, and technology. They provide notes and solutions for practically all subjects that you’re looking for. Registration is required if you want to add papers and other documents to your personal collection.

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5) Textsheet

Textsheet was one of the most popular online educational websites among students. It not only provided the most up-to-date solutions but offers also answers for school or college projects, homework and assignments. Apart from college students, the website served as a resource for kids who needed help with their assignments.

Textsheet was a well-liked website for students it became extremely popular in a short period of time. The website helps students to complete their homework quickly and easily. The copyrighted issues this website has been down. So, if you’re looking for the best textsheet alternatives, then check out here.

6) Growingstars.com

Growingstars is another popular website that provides school and college homework. There are many tutors available online that help to solve your query. It is from the same textbook that the student uses at their schools. Using the same textbook enables the tutors to understand what the student needs help with.

This provides the all study materials on various subjects without any subject knowledge you can learn from this website. The thousands of children earn better grades in school, and in competitive tests.

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7) Skooli


Skooli is one of the homework and best tutors websites where you can teach various subjects. Although you can ask for a specific question to tutors. They help you to solve your question immediately. The register is completely free of charge as a Skooli student or parent. You can find your subject experts such as maths, science, business and more. You can learn one-on-one with an expert in the Skooli Online Classroom. The register is mandatory before using these free services and other facilities.

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8) Tutor


Tutor is the world’s largest and most famous online website among college students provides an amazing tuition service. This website is based on questions and answers for all students from kids to college.  It helps you to solve your homework, assignments, projects like school. In collections more than 100 subjects including math, writing, reading, ELL, science, English, social sciences, nursing, world languages, computer science, study skills and test prep. The tutor provides on-demand, online tutoring and homework at zero cost to eligible service members. Tutor available on demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week*.

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9) SparkNotes

SparkNotes is one of the study platforms where you will get all the study materials from school to college students. It helps to exam to get a solution for you. It offers a study guide that includes all the subjects such as literature, English, Biology, Maths, Science,  poetry, history, film, and philosophy, and so on. If you’re looking for a simple solution for any complicated subjects then Sparknotes helps you to get the easy reading material points-wise. Students can use it for their write essays and research papers. If you buy a subscription then you will be getting Chegg answers. Apart from this, there is a free trial so if you want to you can cancel at any time without paying any amount.

Another amazing study tool you can get at SparkNotes is infographics which are an easy way to simplify learning.

10) Wyzant

Wyzant is a platform that will provide unlimited solutions and answers to your question for free. You can choose an expert and meet online and ask them about your problem related to your study material. Just you need to do submit your Chegg question then you shall receive answers from the experts.To get solution papers you don’t need for subscriptions, you can freely access the website.

11) Study stack

StudyStack is one of the flashcard websites that means you can study with flashcards and it’s not easy. It allows users to create flashcard sets. When you create flashcards on any subject from business, geography, history, languages, or standardized tests, StudyStack gets creative with it and creates exciting games that help you memorize your study notes in a host of cool ways.

You can play hangman, unscramble, or any other matching game before taking quizzes and practice tests.


In this article we have tried to put the LitAnswers alternatives, we know that after the shutdown of litanswers you faced some issues but in this place you may be find your needs. These listed substitutes are helpful for you and you will get solutions regarding any subjects or topics.

Best of luck!!!