11 Best MediaFire Alternatives

A free productivity and file storage programme called MediaFire was created by MediaFire. You can upload documents, films, images, and music using this software. Apart from this software allows you to access content from all over the globe. You can run this software on your various operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS. The easy-to-use interface makes it easy for users to access anywhere. Additionally, you can search any files by name or content easily. You can use Mediafire to get the backup of images. Also, it helps to view spreadsheets, presentations, videos, and documents in one click. If for some reason the MediaFire tool not working for you then here we come up with the best MediaFire Alternatives.

Features of MediaFire

  • Free of cost
  • Simple to use
  • Easy sharing
  • Safe and secure
  • Secure transferring

11 Best MediaFire Alternatives

Files Over Miles

Files Over Miles is an online tool that provides free services where you can send files to others without any problem. Although it helps users to share files from the browser to the browser. If you want to share large files just you need to stable internet connection. In addition, people can send cloud-based files with just one click. With the help of Files Over Miles you can easily share files. Most people use this protocol to share their important files with one click.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft Corporation created Microsoft OneDrive, a free productivity and information storage tool. The main purpose of this programme is to back up and secure files and images. It allows users to share data, documents, videos, and files with their loved ones. Using this tool users can save their important documents, and office documents and access them at any time. It provides the option to share your images in the photo locker and the photographs will be kept private and not shared with anyone else using a photo locker. You can find our preferred file by using the name and content on Microsoft OneDrive.

Google Drive

A free productivity and data storage tool, Google Drive was created by Google LLC. You can easily and securely save your files, backup, and access all information using this app. This app allows you to access files from any device. There is an option to search the specific file by using the name and content. This app’s interface is user-friendly, making it accessible to users anywhere. This app’s 5GB of basic storage is more than enough for storing videos, pictures, and other files. You can view and access your files and content offline using this app. It also sends you notifications when significant file-related activity occurs. If you’re a user of Google Drive then it gives you the option to can scan paper documents using your device’s camera.


Dropbox is a free productivity and file-hosting application created by Dropbox, Inc. You can upload documents and images to the cloud storage and share files with your friends and colleagues. The strong search engine bar makes it easy to all users to find their appropriate file using the name. In addition, this tool helps you to store any type of material, including word documents, pictures, videos, and pdf files. This tool makes it simple for you to store your backup files and access them from anywhere in the world. You can scan your documents to create PDF files. Although you can save, share and back up easily.


The free productivity and file-storage programme Koofr was created by Koofr. You can quickly share, store, and access your documents, as well as videos, and photographs using this software. It offers a search bar where you can look up your specific material just type the content. It has a simple user interface that you can easily use the tool without an hassle. Your smartphones, tablet and other devices files can be automatically backed up with Koofr. Additionally, this tool gives users access to all content whenever and wherever they need it. Your data is protected by this tool even if your phone is damaged or lost.


A free productivity and file storage tool called pCloud was created by pCloud LTD. You can view the preview of your document, and photos, backup from your devices, and listen to playlists. Users can quickly upload files from their computers and smartphones with this tool. This user-friendly interface makes it accessible to users anywhere over the world. It gives the option to transfer large files with extra security features like password and expiration protection. With this tool, users can easily download content and watch them offline. You can use the search to find the files that you want.


Yandex Apps created the free productivity and file storage programme known as Yandex.Disk. You can access documents, files, videos, images and other material using this App. This App works well on devices, such as phones, tablets, computers and so on. Even though if you’re in any location you can access it any time. You can share the files from one device to other or within App also. You can view and edit your spreadsheets, presentations, and documents directly in their browser. Additionally, Yandex.disk has the ability to automatically back up the pictures and videos on your device. 


WeTransfer is a free productivity and file storage programme created by WeTransfer BV. You can quickly store information and concepts. You can store videos, songs, documents, images, and links on this app. WeTransfer has a quick user interface that makes it accessible to users anywhere. When you need to transfer the file you must select the file using this app and add the recipient’s email address, and then send the file. This app provides password-protected transfer options, so you can send data securely.


Developed by Tresorit, Tresorit is a free productivity and cloud storage tool. This app uses end-to-end encryption so that you can store data and share files easily. This is one of the best places to create memos about meetings of your team and store pictures. Apart from this, you can use this app Desktops as well as on phones. Tresorit is a simple interface that users can use from all over the world without a problem. It can be easily backup of images, videos and documents. Whenever you need you can download the stuff and view it offline with this app. This programme assures users that it is secure to use.


MEGA was created by Mega LTD and is a free productivity and file storage programme. Users can securely use the tool and access to secured cloud storage, which they can access with apps and web browsers. This app uses end-to-end encryption so that app cannot change or access your password through it. People may quickly upload files from their tablets and smartphones with this app. In addition, people easily download stuff and view it offline without the internet. You have the choice to perform a name- and content-based search for the necessary file. Apart from this software enables users to share folders with their friends and view updates in real time.


Volafile is a free file-sharing programme that allows you to share data with your friends via cloud storage. You can use the tool and make a backup copy of the files they email to friends. It helps to receive and exchange any type of material, including movies, photos, documents, and music, with this software. This easy-to-use interface makes it simple for all users to access files from anywhere.  Volatile can share files in formats including mp3, pdf, and MPEG. For file sharing on Volafile, you need to create an account with your name, email id and some information that they ask for.

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