Minspy Review: The Proper Spy App

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Has your best friend hiding something from you? Is your boyfriend exhibiting suspicious behavior? All your answers are right here. 

You may have searched for numerous spy apps and have failed in one or the other way. But I have come up with the best solution, Minspy. If you are looking for the best spy app, then you must use this.

Minspy is something that does not require physical contact with his/her phone. You can track his/her phone remotely by just sitting at home. You can access the Minspy dashboard from the web browser itself. 

This app also comes with Android and iOS versions. You just need to install it into your target device (Android) to track all his/her activities. For iOS devices, you need not touch the phone physically. By syncing, you can get access to the target device easily.


1.Can Minspy really spy on the target device?

With the advancement in technology, spying on any device is no big deal. But the question arises about your security. Minspy is something that no one can resist. It will safely spy on your favorite device without letting your personal information leak.

Now, that you have found the perfect spy app after so much research, let’s dive into its exciting features.

1. 1 Minspy: The Proper Spy App

Minspy is your one-stop solution for spying over a phone. Filled with modern technologies, Minspy collects data through text messages, social media conversations, call logs, contact books, location access, and much more. 

Brands such as CNET, PCMag, TechRadar have recommended Minspy as one of the strong and reliable partners for the spy. You can access it via the Web Browser. Moreover, It is supported in both Android and iOS platforms.

The application is very effective as you can have a check on all the conversations he or she is having by just sitting at home. It is easy to gather evidence before confronting them. Let us have a look at their amazing features.

 1.2 The finest features of Minspy

Free Softwares are just time-wasters. They just make you sign up and leave you empty. But Minspy (paid) is a really trustworthy spy app. It has 35 exclusive features that can leave you spellbound.

Use Without Root or Jailbreak

Never worry about rooting the device anymore. Minspy is a cutting-edge app that supports the majority of monitoring features without jailbreak. There is no fear of breaking the warranty. 

You can access the powerful features without any technical skills. This is the perfect spy app to keep an eye on your loved ones or make sure someone you know isn’t cheating you.

Access to Contacts and Call logs

Minspy offers you this feature by which you can make sure that you can access their contacts and calls. 

You can check their contact book and find the suspicious one. Moreover, you can also keep an eye on the incoming and outgoing calls, see the call durations and call frequency also.

Location Tracking

You can track the geographic location of the phone. You can keep track of the places he/she is visiting.

Social Media Messages

Checking your partner’s text messages is a reliable way to uncover his suspicious activities. Minspy gives you access to all his social media data, such as pictures, videos, and messages.

You can get access to the latest social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Tumbler, and much more. 

Security of data

The data retrieved from the target device is extremely secure. Only you will have access to private information. Plus, your personal information shall also not be shared with that phone. 

Even Minspy’s team does not have access to the private data as well. This increases the level of security offered by the application.

Remotely Accessible

You can have access to your favorite target device from anywhere. 

In the case of iOS devices, you need not touch the phone physically. Android platform requires access to the target device but only for a few minutes.

1.3 How to install Minspy on the target device?

The application is very easy to install on Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps to set up the spy app within minutes.

Step 1: First you need to sign into the Minspy website, through email and password. After this, you will be prompted to select the OS of your target device. At this point, you can choose either IOS or Android, depending on the phone your partner has.

Step 2: For an IOS device, all you need is the iCloud credentials of the target user. No additional download is required to sync the data with Minspy.

For an Android device, you will need to download the Minspy app on the target cell phone. This will take only a few minutes as the size of the app is just 2MB app. Once downloaded, it will be hidden from the application menu.

Step 3: After installation, sync the target device with your Minspy account by clicking on Start. Open the Minspy dashboard from any web browser and you can have unlimited access to the phone’s data.

Final Words

It is now very clear that Minspy is a proper spy app with its wonderful features. It has a 96% customer satisfaction rate. Again, to say you will get 24/7 customer support if you buy the app. 

It is now evident that Minspy will truly beat the other spyware software. It is the market best and has recommendations from various popular industries and magazines. 

If you just buy the app once, Trust me you can find out the solutions to your problems very easily. Checking suspicious activities of your daughter is no more hectic. Late night chats are now clearly visible to you.

Wait no more, and use it soon!

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