Movies to Watch If You Like Pulp Fiction

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Well, when it comes to amazing direction, storyline, execution, as well as art direction, our ultimate favorite film is Pulp Fiction. It is the kind of movie that you can watch all over again every once in a while to enjoy the dialogue, action, and different stories. One thing that many people think of after watching a really good film is whether there are other films as entertaining as this one, with the same kind of direction and plot. 

Well, while the same film might disappoint you, there are a lot more films that give out more or less the same vibe as Pulp Fiction. 

Well, if you are also searching for good films that have the same vibe as Pulp Fiction, we have come up with a list for you. These films have the same vibe but different stories, each entertaining in its own way. So, read along and find out your ultimate favorite movie. However, before that, if you are looking for good TV service in order to watch these movies, we suggest you check out Xfinity TV packages. 

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Get Shorty 

Get Shorty is a comedy crime film that revolves around a Miami mobster Chili Palmer. Chili is sent by his boss, a psychopath “Bones” Barboni on a mission to retrieve a bad debt from the Hollywood producer Harry Zimm who mostly produces cheesy horror films. 

When Chili gets there, he meets Harry’s leading lady and instantly gets interested in her, and their romance starts. Chili pitches his own life story to the director as an idea, and that is when he learns that being a mobster or a Hollywood producer is pretty much the same. 

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels

Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels is a crime comedy movie about Eddy and his three friends who contribute in order to play a poker game against the local crime boss Hatchet Harry. Harry cheats the game and wins which puts Eddy in debt for 500,000 pounds which he has to pay back in a week or he will have to hand over his father’s pub. 

Eddy plans to rob the money of his robber neighbors who would rob the money from some drug dealers. Well, the situation becomes messy after the successful robbery as there are now an increased number of criminal parties over the head of the 4 friends. 

From Dusk till Dawn 

From Dusk till Dawn is a horror action film where Seth Gecko and his paranoid brother Richard rob a bank and in the midst of it killed a few police officers. The two run off towards the Mexican border and kidnap a preacher named Jacob Fuller along with his kids in order to sneak across the border in the preacher’s RV. 

The two along with their hostages, end up in a topless bar, which also happens to be the home base for a bunch of vampires. Well, stuck in the situation with their hostages, the two have to fight their way out of the deadly topless bar. 

The Killing

The Killing is a crime classic movie where a professional criminal Johnny Clay hires a sharpshooter, a bartender, a betting teller George, a crooked police officer, and other people for the last task before he gets married. After that, he goes straight and finally marries his fiancé Fay. Well, when George tells his wife Sherry about Johnny’s plan to steal millions off the racetrack where he works, she plots a plan of her own.  

To Die For 

To Die For is a crime thriller that revolves around Suzanne Stone who is a weather reporter at her small-town cable station. Suzanne aims and dreams of becoming a successful news anchor, but she feels like her middle-class husband is holding her back from becoming successful, so she decides to get him killed. 

Suzanne knows a high school boy Jimmy who is captivated by her personality, so she enlists him and two other high schoolers to commit the murder. They do manage to kill him, but the plan doesn’t go well, and her in-laws start suspecting Suzanne’s involvement in the murder. 

American Hustle 

American Hustle is a crime drama movie based on the 1970s Abscam case, where Irving Rosenfeld is involved in forgery and loan-sharking. His life changes when he meets a grifter, Sydney Prosser, and starts developing an interest in her. Well, an FBI agent Richie DiMaso catches the two in their element and forces them to work undercover for his sting operation to nail a New Jersey mayor. In the meantime, Irv’s super-jealous wife is all prepared to bring everyone’s world crashing down.  

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is a drama movie where Chuck Barris, a game show TV producer, is at the height of his career. Well, his creation “The Dating Game” is one of the top shows on the Network, and due to that, he has been given the job to host his latest masterpiece called “The Gong Show”. 

However, known to be a game show producer, most of the industry’s people including the big names are unaware of the fact that Chuck is an undercover assassin. Chuck works for the C.I.A. and states that he has killed 33 people. 

Final Thoughts 

Well, if you are also someone who absolutely loves and adored Pulp Fiction and similar crime and drama films, we are sure you will love the films mentioned on our list. Watch these now, and enjoy the action, crime, and super-dramatic stories. 

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