Fix: “Network Cable Unplugged” Error (Ethernet Network)

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Network Cable Unplugged Error

Sometimes while using the internet suddenly your computer can not access the internet and shows the error message “A network cable is unplugged” and on the taskbar see a red “X“.

This is a common error and it occurs sometimes when you’re computer (Windows 10/8/7) connected to your wifi.

In several cases “network cable unplugged error” coming when an installed Ethernet network adapter is attempting unsuccessfully to make a local network connection. Most of the people received this error when upgraded the older version of Windows to Windows 10.

How to fix network cable unplugged error

Try the following methods, to resolve these error messages stop these error messages and try to reconnect the network again.

Method 1: Restart Your Computer

In this method, you have to restart your computer but sometimes it does not work then you need to do a reboot method to shut down your computer and unplug the power cable also if you attach an external device like a pen drive or hard disk then remove it from your computer safely. After wait for a few minutes and Reconnect the power cable and battery and start your computer again.

Method 2: Check the Ethernet Network Cable

Sometimes the error can be occurred due to the network cable is not properly plugged or may be damaged. At that time to check both ends of the Ethernet network cable to make sure they are not loose. Properly connect one end to your computer and the other one connect to your router. If this method doesn’t help, try testing a faulty cable.

You can use the same cable on a different computer. After checking it out the cable works properly or not if the cable not working then you need to buy a new ethernet cable.

If it is possible, you can connect the same cable to another computer. If the cable also doesn’t work correctly, it is an issue with the cable itself. You need to replace a new Ethernet cable.

Method 3: Update the network adapter driver software

If you’re running an outdated driver then you need to uninstall the driver and again reinstall the latest version driver. If you don’t know how to check outdated drivers then follow the steps

  1. Open the Start menu from the taskbar.
  2. Go to Device Manager and right-click the driver which you want to update and select Update Driver.
  3. Select the Windows search for the updated driver and install it.

Or simply select uninstall the driver, go to the website, download and install the latest version on your computer.

 Method 4: Change the Ethernet Adapter’s Duplex Settings

Disable the Ethernet Network Adapter

If your error is not fixed then try this method

if you’re not using it. This step applies, for example, when you’re using a Wi-Fi network with computers that include built-in Ethernet adapters. So you need to disable the adapter to follow the steps

  1. Go to start, type “control panel” in search bar
  2. After click on “Network and Internet“.
  3. Now, select “view network status and tasks” from “network and sharing center
  4. On the left side bar click on the “change adapter settings“.
  5. Locate your network connection and right-click it to select “Disable“.

Method 5: Change the Duplex Settings (Ethernet Adapter’s)

Duplex is a communication system composed of two or more connected devices that can communicate with each other in both directions. The setting of the duplex is automatic.

So that’s why sometimes errors can be occurred due to this setting. To fix your problem in Windows 10/8/7, you should change the value.

  1. Open “Device Manager”.
  2. Expand “Network adapters” and right-click one to click on the “Properties”.
  3. Go to the “Advanced” tab then select “Speed & Duplex” from the “Property” section
  4. After change “Value” to a value other than “Auto Negotiation‘.

We hope these five methods are useful for you to fix the “network cable unplugged error

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