NewProfilepicture com: Is website legit or not? Check Full Details

NewProfilepictures com is not a website, when we search on Google then we got some results like and Google play store link which is redirected to Newprofilepic App. There are many people confused about NewProfilepicture com’s website then today in this article we will tell you whether the website is exitance or not also is it legit or not so if you want the answer to all questions then read the full details.

As we know that social media platforms are one of those platforms where millions of people are active every day by reading posts and uploading new things, also changing the profile pictures they want.

Profile pictures are something that people are attracted to and eager to see Profile picture. In that case, there is a free app on the Google Play Store called the New profile pic app.

NewProfilepicture com: Details

NewProfilepicture com is not available on Google also it’s an incorrect website the new application is the Newprofilepic app available on the Google play store which is developed by Linerock Investments in Moscow, Russia. Besides, it’s the NewProfilepicture com present in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Many users tried to land on the Newprofilepictures app but when they searched on the internet it will show the result There is no official website for Newprofilepicture in real.

New profile pic App: Details

Firstly the Newprofilepic App is an application which is developed by Informatics Laboratories inc. The application uses advanced AI where you can create your own profile pictures using various filter options. Also, with this app, you can edit your photos in a single tap, and apply all kinds of photo filters to them, including cute cartoon filters, and much more. Additionally, you can share the images on social media.

The Newprofilepic App is very popular among people the app has Ten lakh plus downloads on the Google play store and more than 88.2T reviews. When we talk about rating then out of 5 the app deserved 4.5 ratings. This app especially for android users they have an excellent UI interface, easy to use, different filters option, effects, cartoon styles, and much more with this app. The app is regularly updated with the new version and innovations so you will get the new features.

How New Profile Pic App Works?

The app works like an editor where you can edit your picture or create your own picture using cartoon styles and effects. Once you have created the picture you can upload it to your social media profile and draw more attention from users.


Newprofilepic is a great application to customize the profile picture with unique features. Newprofilepicture is an application available for android but it’s not a website. When it comes to legality then it’s a big question when we investigated, we found the app is not legit also it’s not used by users.

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