14 Best Picuki Alternatives In 2023

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Picuki is a free platform, where users can view others’ profiles, followers’ tags, posts, locations, and stories. You can easily search your friends and look into their accounts what they have posted and who they’re following. Additionally, you can Watch and download photos and videos from Instagram using Picuki. It also offers a variety of editing tools such as crop, resize, and even add filters to your photos to make your photos so beautiful. Overall, Picuki is a great tool for anyone who wants to make their photos look better.

Best Picuki Alternatives


Imginn is a great application that works like a frontend where users can browse, download, and backup media from Instagram. With the use of the Instagram API, this platform allows users to access public views, but it does not permit them to like or share any posts. Additionally, it can provide its users with information on videos, hashtags, challenges, and a variety of other things that will make their accounts easier to access for benefits. Users of Imginn can analyse their accounts in real-time detail by visualizing the public Instagram content. Everything is available without requiring registration, therefore there are no costs associated.


Pixwox is an excellent Instagram Story viewer that allows you to download everything from Instagram that includes stories, photos, videos and so on. You can view the posts in your own way. This online Instagram viewers allow you to download as well as view the public and private account posts offline. There are some Popular hashtags like a girl, life, sports, happy, beautiful, Love, Fashion, Art, Food, Travel, and many more. The process is simple just enter the username of the person which you want to view or download the story after next clicking the search button.


izoomYou has the ability to search an Instagram profile and view as well as download posts, stories, videos, photos, and others. This tool helps you to view the profile of Instagram people without any hassle. You can download everything about people from Instagram without any extension or software. The tool has a function to browse your favorite people just by entering the username of the person and talk them without doing anything. But one downside is that there are no InstaStories available for iOS. Read more: Best Instalkr Alternatives 


InstaStories offers viewing of stories and posts of any public Instagram account anonymously without signup or creating an account. Anyone can view and download the stories, videos, and photos of Instagram profiles to their PC, iPhone, or android device. To view and download the posts you need to enter the username in the search bar and click on the search button to get the instant result. Apart from this, you can access the list of your favorite people wherever you want just add your desired usernames.


If you’re looking for a place to view Instagram stories anonymously? Then Dumpor is the best destination to view others’ Instagram profiles without telling them. This tool helps you to view and download your Instagram profile without disclosing your identity. You may view the profiles of the individuals you want to see, and learn about their Instagram followers, stories, and tagged posts ANONYMOUSLY. Besides Dumpor is a platform to find Instagram users, hashtags, profiles, and locations by typing in the search bar and pressing the search button to get results. So simply visit the Dumpor tool and get the best experience viewing Instagram. It has some amazing features such as you can easily downloading content, browsing privately, exploring user profiles, comments, likes, and so on.

4K Stogram

4K Stogram is a platform where you can download Instagram stories, photos, and videos, without any effort. The platform is very popular among users who use Instagram on daily basis. You can browse the content based on hashtags, locations, and names. This is absolutely free-to-use tool without paying anything for it. You can download any media content from the different Instagram accounts. Just simply paste the name of the user, location, and hashtags of Instagram and click on the download button. Apart from this, you can save pics, videos, IGTV, and other media.


StoriesIG is an amazing tool if you want to watch stories and download the media from your Instagram account. This tool enables you to watch all the stories anonymously and download them for free from the public account only. Just simply go to the StoriesIG tool and enter the Username of the person that you want to view or download the photos or other media next click on view and get the result. Even though you can save pictures and videos from Instagram in one click. You can watch stories, highlights, and posts of people without creating an account.


FastSave is a simple-to-use and straightforward app that help you to view and download videos and photos from their intended IG users without paying a single penny. You can download the videos and photos and watch them offline. With a few clicks, you can republish the images, videos, and movies in high quality. The app has easy navigation with a quick download process without losing the original quality.


If you’re looking for an app that allows you to view and download content from Instagram then Storiesgrams is one of the great choices for you. This is an easy and cool app that makes it simple to explore the Instagram account. You can watch as well as download stories, IGTV, posts, reels, and other media without showing your identity. With one click you can download the content without effort. Additionally, you can download the most of things without creating an account.


Instore is an excellent app to download videos and photos from Instagram’s public accounts with just a few clicks. With IG downloader you can save stories, photos, and videos from your preferred Instagram account free of cost. It has some amazing features, such as it suggests captions and hashtags by just uploading your photos. This is one of the best AI Tool for creators, artists, and influencers to quickly post on Instagram with the most trendy keywords and hashtags. You can use this platform for downloading stories, images, reels, and other media for free. 


Instasave is one of the best Instagram downloader websites that allows you to download all the Instagram content that includes photos, videos, IG TV, album, multimedia & reels video for free. You don’t need to create an account to download the content. Just go to a website enter the URL of the photo IGTV and so and press the download button. Instasave is a significant photo-sharing site in the world that helps you to download media content instantly. Overall a great tool if you’re looking to download content from Instagram.


StorySaver.net, is another great tool to download Instagram stories, videos, pics, and other media stuff. It is absolutely free-to-use tool that makes it easy to view and download the stories of people you want from a public account. You can enjoy almost all things to downloading the content without paying a single penny. Simply enter the username and click on the download button to get the result without even logging in.

Story Saver for Instagram

Story Saver for Instagram is a tool for downloading videos and photos from Instagram to your phone with a single click of a button. You can save stories from public accounts on IG on your mobile devices without disclosing your identity. Story Saver for the Instagram app allows you to add any user to your favorite list and you can access them anytime anywhere you want. You can download Story Saver for Instagram and get instant results in downloading IG stories.


Pictame is an online Instagram viewer like Pikdo and Picuki. It provides web services to its users to upload their Instagram account posts on their database. This is one of the stalker programs. This site helps clients to get Instagram posts, followers, images, hashtags, and other information about any person. Even more, it enables users to view a variety of things anonymously without following anyone, including stories, videos, likes, visits, images, comments, and much more. Additionally, Pictame has a strong search filter where clients enter the username or Instagram account of any specific person and get results within seconds. Pictame has a stylish user interface also anyone can access very easily.

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