Powerful Multichannel Marketing Tips for E-Commerce Brands

Ecommerence marketing tips

Your E-commerce business cannot stay on one platform if you want to get ahead of the competition. You have to embrace multi channel marketing for retail. Before making a purchase, buyers check different channels; channel loyalty does not exist. Multichannel marketing entails promoting and selling on every channel your customers are likely to encounter. It is common for shoppers to switch devices and communication channels. Your aim should be to offer clients a unified experience across all platforms.

Proven Tips for Multichannel Marketing

When venturing into multichannel marketing, you should not just focus on choosing the right platforms. You should focus on maintaining a competitive edge and making your business stand out. Many companies utilise multichannel marketing; you have to create differentiation. It is essential to understand some tips for effective multichannel marketing:

Pick a Channel that Works for Your Business Model

Multichannel marketing does not mean that you should market your business on every platform. While choosing a marketing channel, you should define what the channel means to your e-commerce business. The channel you choose should rhyme with your business model and target audience.

Consider several channels and narrow them to the ones most relevant to your target audience. The first step to choosing the right marketing channel entails understanding your target customers.

Some of the channels that you can consider include social media, affiliate sales networks, online communities, and online market places. You may also consider email and messaging apps.

Understand How Customers Interact with Different Channels

Before a customer makes a purchase decision, it may take several touchpoints and interactions with different channels. It is essential to understand these touchpoints, commonly known as the buyer’s journey. For instance, an organic search may land a client on your website, but the client fails to make a purchase.

It is rare for a customer to make a purchase decision immediately after seeing a product. The customer is likely to search for reviews and see what other customers are saying about your products. The customer may visit several marketplaces to determine how the price of your product compares with the prices of other similar products.

You can get the most out of multichannel e-commerce marketing if you fully understand a buyer’s journey. Typically, the journey comprises of four stages. The first stage is the awareness stage; a customer is likely to visit social media to learn about your product. The consideration stage involves a customer going through reviews of your product. The decision stage involves visiting marketplaces or your online store to buy a product. The final stage is the post-purchase.

Develop an Effective Multichannel Marketing Plan

You can only develop an effective multichannel marketing plan if you fully understand a customer’s journey. When coming up with a multichannel marketing plan, you have to consider the communication techniques to employ. You also have to consider the content types to embrace and the channels to use to interact with your customers.

You need to establish some action plans that will keep you on track and prevent you from deviating from your marketing plan. Set realistic and attainable goals for each marketing channel. To help you know if you are getting the expected results from different channels, you should have well-defined measuring tactics and KPIs.

Come up with Custom Marketing Messages for Different Channels

You can get the most out of multi channel marketing for retail if you understand that every channel is unique. The messages you put across to your customers through social media may be different from the messages designed for email marketing. Your marketing strategy is likely to fail if you paste the same marketing messages on different marketing channels.

Take time and consider the audiences in each channel and their expectations. Tailor your marketing messages depending on how different channels work. You can come up with videos, short texts, and customised product updates to post across different channels.

Be Consistent

Even as you market your products on different channels, the value of your product offering should feel the same on all channels. As you customise your marketing messages to suit different channels, ensure that your customers get the same feel of your brand. For instance, you should maintain the same branding and messaging tone, images, and brand colors.


There are many avenues for engaging customers; however, not all avenues can be a perfect fit for your business. You may need to embrace several channels, test them, and stick to the ones that work best for your business.

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