6 Best PSP Emulators For PC (Windows)

Want to play the game on PC with PSP (PlayStation Portable) Emulators? Then this article is for those who are die-hard fans of gaming. Today we going to share with you the best PSP emulators for PC (Windows). Let’s check

Best PSP Emulators For PC

Here are the best PSP Emulator for PC


PPSSPP is one of the great Emulators available for PC. It supports all the basic games. The high quality of graphics and various customization options. There are most of the PSP Games supported.

The easy-to-use and attractive interface of the Emulator. It has been updated on regular basis by the developers. You can play your favorite PSP game on PPSSPP. It gives a high-quality playing experience no matter if your PC is strong or weak both conditions this emulator works great.

This Emulator has features such as easy access, stable, high-quality graphics, etc. There is a graphics setting option you can adjust according to your needs. PPSSPP is absolutely free to use Emulator.

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Founded in 2008, JPCSP is the most advanced PlayStation Portable emulator, it allows you to play your PSP games on a PC. This application is a portable executable written in JAVA.

It has some functions such as stability, colorfulness, high-quality gameplay screen, etc. In this Emulator, you can run a large variety of games. Some of the games you can’t run because most of the time your PC does not support the games.  Also, it depends on the PC which supports your device.

The graphics work well while playing the game you will feel the amazing experience.

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Dolphin is an open-source video game console emulator for GameCube and Wii that runs on Windows for free. It is the first GameCube emulator was successfully run commercial games. 

This Emulator has advanced features including high-resolution textures, Camera mode, various gamepads, controllers and saves states. It is a multi-platform emulator it runs on 4-core CPUs. It has good network play support. Also the capability to force the game to be played in widescreen mode.

One downside is that this emulator sometimes it’s lagging so if you reduce the Dolphin emulator lag you can upgrade the hardware in your computer.


Nebula is a powerful emulator for playing Neo Geo games using your computer. It is free and compatible with Windows Vista, XP, 7, and 8. This Emulator supports the commercial games also you can save the game and resume it later. With the easy-to-use and attractive interface, you can play your favorite PSP games.

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ePSXe 2.6

ePSXe is an excellent emulator, allowing you to play your favorite games. It also supports the other console that includes the Game Boy, Master System, and Genesis, and enjoys your PlayStation games on your PC.

It supports Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. In this emulator, you will get support for BDA devices using plugins and to use external BIOS files.

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Rocket PSP Emulator- For Android

Rocket PSP Emulator is yet another best PSP for Android. It is a free Emulator, you can run your favorite PSP games. To run this emulator no need for any technical knowledge or skills.

It supports low-end and high-end devices. Without any network issues and you can play games and the different formats such as ISO, CSO, and cool ROM.

Rocket PSP Emulator gives the special experience, and best performance and you can run the games with wonderful themes and sound effects.

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Conclusion : Best PSP Emulator For PC

That’s it, these windows (PC) Emulators are very useful to run games on your device. Just you need to download the program on your PC and enjoy the games without any hassle. These Emulators work on PC very well. Also, each emulator has some great features. We are sure that you will get an amazing experience while using these emulators

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