Purpose of Charting a Social Media Agency in UK

Since the beginning of 2020, the UK has witnessed sky-rocketing mobile usage rates. Over 95% of social media users have been active over the past months, visiting various social channels. In January this year, more than 75% Britons engaged or contributed to social media.

In 2018, nearly 70% of businesses with less than 50 employees used social media as a part of their digital marketing strategy. With social media penetration changing drastically, companies in the UK recognised the value social media presence adds to their profit margins.

Hiring an experienced social media agency is the best way to tap the best offerings of the plethora of social media platforms. Here is why you should outsource your social media marketing to social media agencies.

Time Efficient

While running a large-scale business, you will be busy with daily tasks to reach your sales targets. Knowing that you can connect better with your clients through social media, time acts as a constraint. With other business priorities, social media marketing takes a back seat.

Reputed social media agencies will take complete responsibility for your social media marketing and show their competency by achieving a lot in very little time. In the time you take to manage your marketing on one social platform, these agencies can handle the same across multiple platforms.

Provide Creative Content

Nearly 80% of UK internet users are on Facebook, with an average engagement rate for a post being about 4% and almost 7% for videos. Did you know that the UK ranks at #8 globally in Instagram usage with close to 23 million Instagram users?

Every social media platform demands custom-made content. It means that you have to work on your posts, altering them to fit each channel and hence, achieving maximum traction.

A social media agency will share the expertise on the appropriate content and format, suitable for each platform. For instance, they will guide you in finalising the length of your Facebook videos and how to upload engaging stories on IGTV. Such tailor-made content will surely draw more attention to your brand, engaging more potential clients.

Provide Access to Right Tools

Managing your social media marketing can be a time-consuming task, particularly if you don’t have the right tools. Besides, investing in such tools might as well burn your pockets.

The social media agencies come with their in-house tools. Thus, when you hire them, you can plan your budget that focuses only on creating highly-productive content. You need not worry about the tools required to manage your brand on various social channels. The agencies will take care of your social media campaign, scheduling, and monitoring.

Take Care of All Social Media Requirements

Over 45% of social media users belong to ages between 25-34 years. Also, men makeup 58% of social media users in the UK. However, more women are active on Instagram, at 54%.

With such statistics, understanding and implementing your social media marketing strategy to create your brand awareness can be overwhelming.

The social media agency focuses on your target audience, their preferences, engage your existing and potential customers, and the platform best suitable for your business. Analysing these factors, the agencies build a social media marketing strategy that’s most suitable for your business.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have more creative minds, yielding better ideas that enhance your social media presence?

Social media agencies do not charge for time-off, and they ensure that a team is always online to look after your accounts. They bring more experience to the table, providing better results, in the most cost-efficient way.

Acquiring Clientele

For any social media marketing strategy to succeed, you need to have the right plan, perform comprehensive research, review, and assess your success.

Social media agencies take care of these elements to make your brand more accessible, thus acquiring more clientele. They perform social media activities, create and share posts and tweets, capture the reader’s attention, and turn them into potential customers.

Focus on Brand Promotion to Beat Your Competitors

The UK ranks 3rd for the number of Twitter users, making it among the top 10 popular mobile apps in the country. Social media agencies find effective ways of promoting your brand across all such channels, making brand promotion as their top priority.

With the right strategy, these agencies skilfully deal with competitive environments, ensuring your brand is well-ahead of other brands with a similar online presence.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the top three most popular social media platforms in the UK, each known for its tailor-made content. The type of brands and businesses that gain traction varies with every platform. Reputed social media agencies can ensure you strategise on a per-platform basis, thus, boosting your business sales from the productive online brand promotion.

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